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Graphic Representation: A Failure to launch

We begin today’s offerings with some takes on the TrumpCare™ collapse, starting with this from the Salt Lake Tribune:

Pat Bagley: TrumpCare

Another take from the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Steve Breen: Call 911. . .or not

The Chattanooga Times Free Press loses it’s head:

Clay Bennett: The executioner

Our final take on the subject comes from the Tulsa World:

Bruce Plante: The GOP’s Obamacare Repeal and Replace

The the Newark Star-Ledger, a qualification is made:

Drew Sheneman: The mysterious case of the missing Supreme Court seat

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution looks at the investigates

Mike Luckovich: Uuge crowd

The Charlotte Observer offers another take on the same fix:

Kevin Siers: The FBI investigates the White House . . .

The Arizona Daily Star leaks some secret intelligence:

David Fitzsimmons: Trump’s intel

And the Buffalo News offers a threat assessment:

Adam Zyglis: Big Bird

From the Lexington Hearald Leader, war on the press:

Joel Pett: “Very dishonest people…..”

And from the Los Angeles Times, pillars of democracy:

David Horsey: When Samson is Deliah

The Washington Post uses protection:

Tom Toles: And they would like you to pay for it

Next up, three offerings about the wall, starting with the Columbus Dispatch:

Nate Beeler: The Divide

The Philadelphia Daily News counts the cost:

Signe Wilkinson: It’s you, not Mexico, who’ll pay

And the Miami Herald builds it closer to home:

Jim Morin: Wall of Lies?

Finally, from the Sacramento Bee, a cause for concern?:

Jack Ohman: The Internet of Things Thing. . .

Mr. Fish: White of Way

From Clowncrack, his blog of naufrageous nasology:

Mr. Fish: GOP Dammit!

From Clowncrack, his blog of axial apocalypticism:

Graphic Representation: Reign of TrumpTerror™

Or is it TrumpError™?

We begin with the winner, via the Washington Post:

Tom Toles:  It’s a very good week to be a rich white man, like other weeks

From the Columbus Dispatch, suspicions confirmed:

Nate Beeler: The Leaker

The Sacramento Bee covers the one place he really is well-endowed:

Jack Ohman: The NEH, the NEA, and the National Endowment for the Trumps…

The first of two basketball memes comes from the Baton Rouge Advocate:

Walt Handelsman: White House Madness

And the second, this time from the Tulsa World:

Bruce Plante: Washington Bracketology

His usual business methods as covered by the Arizona Republic:

Steve Benson: Trump’s sort-of oath of office

And a civic lesson from the Salt Lake Tribune:

Pat Bagley: The Three Branches of Government

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution looks at a troubled marriage:

Mike Luckovich: Comrades

Whilst the Minneapolis Star Tribune shoots ‘em down:

Steve Sack: James Comey vs. Trump’s tweets

Our closing offerings deal with the Trump administration’s war on the environment, starting with this from the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

Clay Bennett: Environmental Protection

Next, from the San Diego Union-Tribune, environmental protection from a closed nuclear plant as practiced in Southern California:

Steve Breen: Nuke Waste Stored Close to Shore

And, finally, from the Lexington Herald-Leader, another victim of human stupidity:

Joel Pett: Another casualty

Graphic Representation: A TrumpStravaganza™

We begin with the Independent and a national monument defaced:

Dave Brown: A monumental arsehole

From the Kansas City Star, a certain similarity is noted:

Lee Judge: One’s still flying high

And paranoia in action from the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

Clay Bennett: A Must Read

The Tucson Daily Star places an order:

David Fitzsimmons: Trumpcare

And those taxpayer funded $2 million a shot Mar a Lago weekend getaways draw the attention of the Washington Post, and the only Meals on Wheels Pussygrabber likes in his budget:

Ann Telnaes:  The Trump administration’s budget priorities

A certain civil strife is noted by the Indianapolis Star:

Gary Varvel: Republican teamwork

And by the Baton Rouge Advocate:
Walt Handelsman: Dental and Vision

The Salt Lake Tribune prioritizes:

Pat Bagley: Trump Budget Priorities

The Newark Star-Ledger crunches the numbers:

Drew Sheneman: The Trump budget is a fairy tale

Another take from the Washington Post:

Tom Toles: And here’s the cliff notes version of the Trump presidency

And an internationally syndicated cartoonist adds a cosmetic touch:

Kahlil Bendib: The New, Improved Muslim Ban

And the reaction to the judicial reaction from the Arizona Republic:

Steve Benson: Not so much ‘judicial overreach’ as this …

The San Diego Union-Tribune is incredulous at TrumpClaims:

Steve Breen: Madness of another sort

And some crucial testimony from the Charlotte Observer:

Kevin Siers: Comey’s testimony

The Philadelphia Daily News covers the great divide:

Signe Wilkinson: A reading house divided

Finally, from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, working for an infantile President is a thankless job, but somebody’s got to do it. . .or at least try:

Steve Sack: Paging Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer

Mr. Fish: Put it Together, People!

From Clowncrack, his blog of artistic abscission [and click on the images to embiggen]:

His composition is an imaginative reworking of one of the most powerful artworks of the 20th Century, also depicting devastation inflicted upon Spanish-speaking people.

Mr. Fish has creatively disassembled Guernica, the massive oil painting created by Pablo Picasso to 26 April 1937 bombing by the German military’s Condor Legion of a the Spanish city during the Spanish Civil War, the dress rehearsal for World War II, when German and Italian forces joined with Spanish fascists to overthrow the short-lived Spanish Republic:

More on the painting here.

And yes, we also note that most of residents of Guernica were and are are Basque, folks who often regard Spanish as their second language.

Mr. Fish: Smoke ’em Out!

From Clowncrack, his blog of fulgurous facundity: