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Jeff Danziger: Headless

A fitting image of the departure of Fox News boss Roger Ailes, the victim of a flurry of sexual harassment allegations from a brilliant syndicated editorial cartoonist:

BLOG Danziger

The latest development in the story from the Los Angeles Times:

Roger Ailes has stepped down as chairman of Fox News, but the fallout from his controversial tenure won’t end anytime soon.

The swift action to oust Ailes may bring a speedy conclusion to a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by former anchor Gretchen Carlson against the former Fox News chairman.

But the move could embolden other women to file complaints against Ailes and expose Fox News to lawsuits over the conduct of the once powerful TV executive, legal experts said.

Employment law experts say a settlement or resolution in the Carlson case appears more likely since Ailes resigned last Thursday, although he did so without acknowledging the claims against him.

His departure came after an internal investigation by Fox News parent 21st Century Fox turned up other instances of harassment by Ailes from other employees, including star anchor Megyn Kelly.  Just two weeks earlier, Carlson had filed a lawsuit against Ailes alleging that he had sabotaged her career in retaliation for rebuffing his sexual advances and complaining about a hostile work environment.

Graphic representation: Case of severe mail ego

What should’ve been Hillary Clinton’s victory lap at the Democratic National Convention has been clouded by the Wikileaks release of a massive cache of Democratic National Committee emails, confirmed that the party was actively working against Bernie Sanders.

Also included in the cache were emails disparaging a black committee staffer’s name, homophobic slurs, and much more.

Needless to say, it’s all fodder for editorial cartoonists [as in today’s earlier post].

We begin with an offering from the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Steve Sack: Hillary’s pillory

BLOG H Sacks

A similar take from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Mike Luckovich: Confetti?

BLOG H Lucko

The FBI suspects Russian hackers were involved, as in this offering from the Arizona Republic:

Steven Benson: Hillary’s Red State bombshell

BLOG H Benson

But Edward Snowden remains agnostic, tweeting that “If Russia hacked the #DNC, they should be condemned for it. But during the #Sony hack, the FBI presented evidence.”

The Philadelphia Daily News editorial cartoonist portrayed the first casualty of the attack in the forced resignation of the Democratic National Committee chair:

Signe Wilkinson: A fall from great heights

BLOG H. Debbie

From the San Diego Union-Tribune, evidence in the emails depicted the former chair as actively working against Clinton’s rival, with a decisive result:

Steve Breen: Delivering an ass-kicking

BLOG H Breen

But Donna Brazile, her replacement as DNC chair, has been just as adamant in her opposition to Sanders, as revealed in an email Snowden Tweeted, with the message “Did the #DNC seriously just swap the Chair fired for anti-Sanders bias with a different anti-Sanders official?”:

BLOG Bernies

David Horsey: Call it a Toto makeover

From the editorial cartoonist of the Los Angeles Times:, an email fail by Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz leads to a messy exit a la the Wicked With of the West in The Wizard of Oz. Now about those flying monkeys. . .

BLOG Horsey

Graphic Representation: Post-convention bounce

The Donald managed to win over new voters following a Republican convention in which he delivered a speech Mussolini would’ve loved.

First up, from the editorial cartoonist of the Sacramento Bee:

Jack Ohman: Make Apocalypse Great Again!

BLOG T Ohman
Next, from the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Steve Sack: Trump at the podium

BLOG T Sacks
From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Mike Luckovich: Grave-spinning grudge

BLOG T LuckoNext, the Miami Herald weighs in:

Jim Morin: OMG!!

BLOG T Morin
While the Buffalo News looks at sins of omission:

Adam Zyglis: Protected

July 23, 2016

And there’s this from the Philadelphia Daily News:

Signe Wilkinson: Who’d’ve believed it?

BLOG T Signe
Finally, from a nationally syndicated cartoonist, historical precedent;

Jeff Danziger: Hitler’s Advice

Hitle, Mussolini, Trump, political cartoono

Graphic Representation: Party time in Cleveland

As the GOP convention in Cleveland heads into its final day, it’s time for some more visceral visuals.

We begin with the editorial cartoonist of the Columbus Dispatch:

Nate Beeler: The Party of Lincoln


And from the Tulsa World:

Bruce Plante: RNC Convention 2016


From the editorial cartoonist of the Sacramento Bee:

Jack Ohman: Make Robots Great Again…


Next up, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Mike Luckovich: Human like


The Minneapolis Star Tribune offers a more playful [?] take:

Sack cartoon: Donald Trump pumps them up


Our penultimate offering comes from the Kansas City Star:

Lee Judge: Who ya’ gonna call? Who? Who??


And finally, the Guardian went to Comic-Con in San Diego and asked some of America’s finest graphic artist to offer their Trumpian takes. Here’s one from the award-winning creator of the self-published comic book series Bone:

Jeff Smith: Emperor Trump

BLOG GOP comiccon

Mr. Fish: Psycho Analysis

From Clowncrack, his blog of carminative copromancy:


Graphic Representation: Sincerest flattery form

We begin with this from Agence France Presse:

Freshly crowned Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump tried Wednesday to draw a line under a plagiarism scandal that has rocked his campaign, with a staffer offering to resign.

Having prevailed in his remarkable run to the Republican White House nomination, Trump turned to his next task of quieting questions about his campaign’s professionalism and healing crippling party divisions.

A Trump staffer admitted to using Michelle Obama quotes in a speech delivered by Melania Trump at the Republican convention, apologizing and offering to resign over the plagiarism row — an offer however rejected by the nominee.

Melania Trump had “always liked” the current first lady and had “read me some passages from Mrs Obama’s speech” over the telephone as examples of what she wanted to tell the convention on Monday, said the staffer, Meredith McIver.

And now, one with the show. . .

We begin with a prosaic image from the editorial cartoonist of the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

Clay Bennett: Melania’s Speechwriter

BLOG Mal Bennett

Next, from the editorial cartoonist of the Charlotte Observer:

Kevin Siers: Melania’s Speech

BLOG Mal Siers

And this from the editorial cartoonist of the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Steve Sack: Melania Trump

BLOG Mal Sack

The artist from the Buffalo News weighs in:

Adam Zyglis: Melania Trump speech

July 20, 2016

July 20, 2016

A blast from the past from the Arizona Republic:

Steve Benson: To plagiarize a former president

BLOG Mal Benson

From the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Steve Breen: Seizing the initiative

BLOG Mal Breen

Next, from the Sacramento Bee:

Jack Ohman: One giant leap (again)…

BLOG Mal Ohman

And from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Mike Luckovich: Speech pattern

BLOG Mal lucko

And, of course, the Internet weighed in. One of our favorites:

BLOG Mal TweetOne more:

BLOG Mal Tweet III

Ah, what the hey, one final tweet:

BLOG Mal Tweet II