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Mr. Fish: Alphabet Soup

Another blast from the past from Mr,. Fish, who is slow on posting new work because he’s busy on a graphic novel!

From Clowncrack, his blog of lachrymogenic lachschlaganfall:


Tom Toles: Don’t sweat the flying monkeys

From the editorial cartoonist of the Washington Post:

BLOG Carton

Mr. Fish: An Elephant Walks into a Bar

Another blast from the past from Clowncrack, his blog of ichneumous icthyophilia:


David Horsey: Getting schooled by the Tea Party

From the editorial cartoonist of the Los Angeles Times, a look at what lies ahead in states where Tea Party Republicans hold the reins — as in Kansas, where legislators want prison time for teachers who offer “harmful” literature to their pupils:

BLOG Horsey

Kevin Siers: Bibi prepares for a tea party

From the editorial cartoonist for the Charlotte Observer:


Cartoonists respond to D.C.’s legal marijuana

Yep, as of yesterday you can now legally smoke weed in the nation’s capital, prompting graphic responses from two of esnl‘s favorite newspaper editorical cartoonists.

First, from Tom Toles of the Washington Post, a call for a joint session of Congress:

BLOG Cartoon

And from Joel Pett of the Lexington Herald-Leader, that inevitable consequence:


Mr. Fish: Liar Liar

From his blog of rabelaisian raconteurmanship, Clowncrack, and a fitting accompaniment to our Quote of the day: