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Headline of the day: The body count soars

From teleSUR English:

185,000 Killed in Mexico in 9 Years, 70,000 Under Peña Nieto

Since President Enrique Peña Nieto took office in December 2012, there have been an average of 22,000 deaths per year in Mexico, meaning by April 2016, the total number of homicides in the country will surpass an estimated 70,000.

Chart of the day: Post-legalization pot price plunge

From the Washington Post, pot prices plunge once the criminal element is removed and both cultivation and sales become legal:


Major ‘irregularities’ in many French nuke plants

Nuclear power, once promised to America as a source of electricity “too cheap to meter,” has been revealed as a ticking time mob capable to contaminating major swatches of lands for generations.

After Three Mile Island came Chernobyl, and after Chernobyl came Fukushima.

And now comes word that one of the world’s major reactor construction firms has been falsifying records to hide flaws in hundreds of the components they use.

The “irregular” components are employed in reactors providing most of France’s electricity. They may also be found in many of the scores of plants the French firm built in other countries.

From the London Daily Telegraph:

France’s ailing nuclear giant, Areva, faced a major scandal on Tuesday after the country’s nuclear watchdog confirmed there have been “irregularities” in 400 parts produced in its reactors since 1965, and that “around 50 are currently in service in France’s nuclear power plant fleet”.

France’s independent Nuclear Safety Authority, ASN, said the “irregularities” were listed in an audit it had ordered from Areva after it detected a “very serious anomaly” in a reactor vessel in the country’s Flamanville EPR nuclear plant, the same model Britain plans to use for two new plants at Hinkley Point.

The fault in the vessel destined to house the plant’s nuclear fuel and confine its radioactivity was detected last year.

“These irregularities consist in incoherencies, modifications or omissions in manufacturing dossiers,” ASN said in a statement.

Next, a video report from euronews:

Probe indicates falsified documents in Flamanville nuclear plant construction

Program notes:

The investigation launched after the discovery of “anomalies” in the structure of the Flamanville nuclear plant in France have revealed inconsistencies in the production records of nuclear components manufactured at a factory in Le Creusot.

And more details from Reuters:

In a statement, ASN. . .made no comment about some of these components being in use in Areva-built nuclear plants abroad.

The ASN said it has asked Areva to provide as soon as possible a list of the relevant components and its analysis of the possible impact on security in France’s nuclear plants, in cooperation with their operators.

French utility EDF operates 58 nuclear reactors in 19 nuclear plants in France, which produce about 75 percent of the nation’s electricity.


The manufacturing problems further dented the reputation of Areva, whose flagship EPR reactor has suffered years of delays and billions of euros of cost overruns at construction sites in France and Finland.

Headline of the day: Conspiratorial Trumping

From the New York Times, it’s not bad enough that Larry Wilmore declared him the Zodiac Killer in front of Barack Obama. Now The Donald declares his dad has even shadier associations:

Donald Trump Accuses Ted Cruz’s Father of Associating With Kennedy Assassin

Mr. Trump’s comments, in a Fox News interview, came in the wake of an article in The National Enquirer claiming to have definitive photographic evidence that Rafael Cruz was with Oswald distributing leaflets supporting the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in Louisiana in 1963.

Headline of the day: Bathroom bigotry bastion

From the Christian Science Monitor:

Welcome to the home of the toughest ‘bathroom bill’ in America

The Oxford, Ala., City Council passed an ordinance that punishes transgender people with up to six months of jail for using the bathroom that matches their gender identity. The move draws support – and questions.

Scores ‘disappeared’ in Guerrero police action

And it happened in the same Mexican state where the 43 students from the from the Raúl Isidro Burgos Rural Teachers’ College vanished after a similar violent clash with police of the night of 26 September 2014.

From teleSUR English:

Over 200 people were injured and 64 were arrested when Mexican federal police in Guerrero, where the Ayotzinapa tragedy took place, attempted to end a protest.

The dangerous southern Mexican state of Guerrero has hit the headlines once again as at least 100 people were apparently forcibly disappeared by federal police who violently evacuated hundreds of union protesters that blocked a main highway and various streets in the capital Chilpancingo, various local news outlets reported Friday.

“We have over 100 people disappeared, including two minor, over 64 people were arrested and more than 200 injured,” said community leader Maria Eugenia Salgado.

The Transport Council Union and the Union of Peoples of the Guerrero Sierra told Proceso that the Federal Police evacuated them violently and added they hold the state Governor Hector Astudillo responsible for the police brutality and the disappearance of their members.

The transportation union members, which include bus and taxi drivers, had completely blocked the main highway, Autopista del Sol which mainly links Acapulco with Mexico City, for over 12 hours until Astudillo ordered the evacuation claiming huge financial losses.

Headline of the day II: Panoptical eyes of Texas

From the Intercept:

Texas Prisons Assert Right to Censor Inmates’ Families on Social Media

A new rule in Texas that prohibits prisoners from maintaining a social media presence could infringe on the free speech and expression rights of ordinary citizens who maintain accounts on behalf of incarcerated loved ones.