Richard Brenneman, for the moment the chief author of posts here, has been a journalist since 1964, and has worked at newspapers in Winslow and Tucson in Arizona, Las Vegas in Nevada, and Oceanside, Santa Monica, Sacramento, and Berkeley in California. He also worked as associate editor of Psychology Today magazine, and has written two books, Deadly Blessings, Faith Healing on Trial, and Fuller’s Earth, A Day with Bucky and the Kids. The author is also featured in Roman Polanski, Wanted and Desired, an outstanding documentary film on the judicial corruption at the heart of the prosecution of the film director.

He also takes pictures, and those in the blog, unless otherwise identified, are his. Recent photos were taken with a Nikon D300, and earlier shots with the D200 and the D70.

And the quotation atop our blog is from Aldous Huxley’s last book, Island, published in 1962, a year before his death on 22 November 1963, an even overshadowed by another death that day in Dallas, Texas.  Here’s the full quote:

“Armaments, universal debt, and planned obsolescence – those are the three pillars of Western prosperity. If war, waste, and moneylenders were abolished, you’d collapse. And while you people are overconsuming the rest of the world sinks more and more deeply into chronic disaster.”

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  1. I’m glad you’re doing this, Richard! (Whether I’ll have time to comment much is another matter.)

  2. courtney miller

    Dear Richard,

    I had written to you at the Daily Planet, but heard that you are no longer there.

    We’re having a forum called, The Rub about Density at the American Institute of Architecture and wondered if you might want to attend this event. We’re contrasting the desire to think regionally with the reality on the ground. Would be great to have you on the panel – January 19, AIA/ SF 130 Sutter Street
    6 – 8:30PM

    Courtney Miller
    Chair, ADPSR Building Ecology Lecture Series

  3. Hey Rich,
    Nice blog -thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Great site.

    Pete Byrne, NJ

  5. Good luck, dear Mr. Richard!

  6. More Kaplan Univ. Washington Post crap.

    With this headline: Kaplan University Cheats Low-income Minority students and The Washington Post Benefits.

    Gotta wonder what kind of nonsense is going on there and why they are so quiet on this article? If you’re silent when someone accuses you of fraud do you think people will think you are guilty? Especially since Donald Graham can go to capitol hill and talk to Sen Harkin but doesn’t say a word to the public. He’s not covering something up is he?

  7. Hei Richard

    I am a masterstudent in theatre arts & sciences at the University of Oslo and am wirting my thesis about the Polanski case. As I am researching right now and collect material, it would be great if i could perhaps interview you on your blog and on your view on the Polanski case. Please let me know (best is to email me), if you could imagine helping me and my project :)

  8. I found you through Prorev.com. Look forward to reading more!

  9. why can’t wikileaks find Osama binlaudin?
    We gotta get him for the worlds sake.

    with respect,
    mark allison

  10. Rich,

    Great site! Added your blog to the Resources column on FSPD. Don’t stop the good work. Keep in touch. Stay frosty…


    – FSPD Team


  11. William Cameron

    I find your posts interesting & informative.
    Keep up the good work,

  12. Scott Stewart


    Very much enjoying your, ‘eats shoots ‘n leaves’ these last several months.

    Following the Egyptian revolution through yourself, CounterPunch. Al Jazeera, Democracy Now, KPFA et al, it occurs to me how wonderful it would be if Americans took courage and rose up against our own oppressive duopolistic kleptocracy. Perhaps another 10 years of squeezing the golden goose?



  13. Absolutely love the content here and the links….Thanks so much Richard.

  14. Richard –

    very insightful comments and good content, thank you. In particular, I liked your articles covering Libya.

    Regards (from South America at the moment)

  15. Big fan, I been a bit off the radar lately, but your site’s definitely a favorite of mine and I’m a frequent visitor. Thanks for posting!

  16. our report on today’s protest you tube is filtering its search

  17. Richard – I enjoy reading the blog, and receive notices via email, but would rather be able to read the blog via RSS in my newsreader program. Any chance you could enable an RSS feed to the blog?

    • According to WordPress, feeds are enabled.

      • WordPress is doubtless correct, but I find no RSS link. Perhaps I am missing something?

      • I’m not sure, but will do some more digging.

      • Through a little trial and error (plus using some other WordPress sites for hints) I discovered that RSS is indeed enabled. The URL I’m successfully using in my newsreader program is: https://richardbrenneman.wordpress.com/feed/

        This address works great and allows me to follow the site in my newsreader program and frees my email program …which I prefer. I’ll now unsubscribe via email and get my updates via RSS. I still find no icon linking this RSS feed on the site. I’d expect to find it in the “Share” area, where the links to Twitter, Facebook, etc. are located.

  18. Wow a real journalist! I’ve been hungry!

  19. You think u are helping ppl. You look at the world from an odd angel, one must see the greater picture

  20. I just discovered your site and am intrigued by your point(s) of view. Very interesting.


  21. This is a clue for a story – about “Scientific American,” and their critique of GMO labels. Monsanto and the FDA created “substantial equivalence.” They never allowed respectable research, but now us guinea pigs are showing the results – not pretty.
    Monsanto have shot themselves in the foot since patenting RoundUp, or glyphosate and AMPA, as an antibiotic.
    Now, “Science” MUST review the conditions recently reported, because soil and gut bacteria are damaged, implying plant and animal digestion is warped by glyphosate.
    Scientific American should insist on long-term tests and trials of soil and gut biology. Or, can Monsanto and Craig Venter’s Agradis, plus Synthetic Genomics, develop glyphosate-resistant bacteria resistant in time to rule the planet?

  22. hey Richard, I think you might like this website: http://www.watchingamerica.com

    we like to call it “America’s Public Intelligence Agency” it is a useful resource – we translate articles about the US from abroad so we can better understand how we are perceived!


  23. Hi Richard,
    I came across your blog while doing research for a documentary film I’m working on about the Jewish Defense League. I would like speak with you further after hearing you were first on the scene of the bombing of Michael Pasker. Would you mind emailing me so we can continue this conversation offline?


  24. this blog is so effing awesome i had to reformat a poem in honor of offering it here. keep up the excellent work! and. by way of thank-you & creative exchange,

    the link has the annotated version.

    Unless Our Human Spirit Wakes In Us We Will Drown:
    Musings On The Intersection
    Of Modern Man & the Apocalypse.

    We all of us together living dream alone,
    & when all is (almost) said, & some of it is done
    stand, if we are lucky, on the shoulders of those peers
    made expert by experiment, if not enough by years.

    It’s like that story with the garden, you know, the chick, the snake:
    They struggle to sedate us;
    We struggle to awake.

    This ‘They’ is a neither unified nor organized assault,
    is powerful, relentless, one-pointed to a fault.
    Despite its seeming gentleness, we find tsunami threatening:
    So should we recognize the enemies
    of dreamer, set, & setting..

    …even if within our Selves. Especially. Could be that part deciding!
    (What?) (When?)(What if?) the question overpowers, our innocence confiding
    as bright of eye & pointy tailed as government recruits
    set up to be knocked down
    by once trusted men in suits.

    Where — this metaphor… does not ‘do justice,’ is also where — the Law…
    ius, iura may be both, my Friend,
    but in the end, l’Etat c’est Moi.

    So… ‘let us go then, you & I,’ indeed, this time to make a vow
    as holy & as sacred as any we know how
    as serious as if our hearts hung in some balance otherwise
    to do a little more each day to extirpate their lies.

    If all of us (imagine!) at once withheld informed consent
    TPTB would find their hands were forced —
    most fully —
    to relent —

    …& …not in empty word alone! …although… so difficult a vision
    hinges more upon our accuracy than it does upon precision:
    for it must vanquish at long last the forces of stagnation,
    of corporate indifference, of fascist machination,

    that in this foreboding pre-apocalypse seems to me sine qua non
    of all the creeping evil that we, together, face
    & all of us, right here, right now, must choose to carry on:
    Must create anew this broken World
    Must save the Human Race.

    by a female faust
    dedicated to Dr. James Fadiman
    of Sophia University

  25. if its improper to have entered the poem PLEASE delete all but th link — after all this page is not aut me and i feel sheepish

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