Jack Ohman: Race to the top

From the editorial cartoonist of the Sacramento Bee:


Chart of the day II: Wall St. bonuses soaring again

According to the Washington Post, the average annual bonus paid Wall Street’s broker/banksters is now three times the average U.S. household income. Considering their value to society and the dramatic increases in their bonuses over the last three decades, maybe we should call them Robber Barrens:

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And now for something completely different

It’s the hot new energy drink now sweeping Japan and poised to flood the world.

It’s. . .Fukushima Water™ — enriched with radioactive Cesium 137 to give you that extra zing.

And if all this sounds surreal, that’s because it is, a creation of German art directors aimed at focusing attention on those ongoing leaks of radioactive water from the earthquake-demolished reactor complex that have been such a headache for TEPCO and government officials struggling to contain the leaks, which periodically escape into the ocean and contaminate the soil.

From Fukushima Water:

Fukushima Water – The all-new energy-drink from Japan

Program notes:

Four years after the disaster of Fukushima-Daichii a brand-new energy drink conquers the Japanese beverage market and quickly becomes a cult product in all age groups: Fukushima Water. With a perfidious marketing strategy, the drink advertises itself as “energy water” – a natural mineral water with an artificial additive. Just a bad advertising stunt of a japanese beverage company or the most absurd product in the world?

Map of the day: The neocon’s anti-labor agenda

The latest victory of the anti-union Right brings half the nation’s states into its corporate-dominated fold From Reuters:

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Chart of the day: Europe’s stalled industry recovery

From Eurostat [PDF]:

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DroughtWatch: A very minuscule change

The latest California map from the United States Drought Monitor features an enigma in the form of a hundredth of a percentage point increase in the category “Moderate Drought” category, though whether it’s an improvement or a worsening is impossible to tell given that figures for all other categories are precisely the same as last week:

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Mr. Fish: Mullet Over

From Clowncrack, his blog of seditious salaciousness: