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Headline of the day: The price of austerity

From the Washington Post:

Young Greek women selling sex for the price of a sandwich, new study shows

Sex in Greece is some of the cheapest on offer in Europe after six years of painful austerity pushed the country to the financial brink.

Map of the day II: Where women binge drink

From the Centers for Disease Control [and we suspect cold weather and long winters may be part of the cause for the highest rates, with large Mormon populations responsible for lower rates in equally cold states states like Colorado and Idaho]:

State-Specific Weighted Prevalence Estimates of Alcohol Use and Binge Drinking Among Women 18–44 Years of Age, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), 2013

State-Specific Weighted Prevalence Estimates of Alcohol Use and Binge Drinking Among Women 18–44 Years of Age, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), 2013

Headline of the day: Sharia law, Israeli style

More idiocy from The Only Democracy In The Middle East™, via the Guardian:

Jennifer Lawrence removed from Israeli Hunger Games posters

The star of Mockingjay – Part 2 has been deleted from marketing materials in Jerusalem and some other cities to avoid offending religious audiences

Posters for the final part of the dystopian action franchise in some parts of Israel have been redesigned so as to remove the Oscar-winning actor. Instead, Katniss Everdeen and her bow and arrow have been replaced with a mockingjay in a handful of cities across the country, including Bnei Brak and Jerusalem. “We discovered that public posters with the image of a female are often torn down in Jerusalem, while Bnei Brak does not allow posters with female images,” a representative of the film’s Israeli PR firm said to Ynet.

Headline of the day: Stupid advertiser tricks

From the Guardian:

BLOG Bloomies

Headline of the day: That’s downright criminal

From the Guardian:

Victims’ hopes for justice fade as rape kits are routinely ignored or destroyed

Tens of thousands of boxes have collected in ‘rape kit backlog’ as some states lack rules on how long evidence should be kept while some police departments destroy kits after a year

Headline of the day: New tech, new anxieties

From Sky News, a story calculated to raise parental ire:

Sexting Ring Uncovered At Colorado High School

Students shared nude pictures using a hidden, password-protected application disguised as a calculator on their mobile phones.

And now for something completely different

And NSFW as well.

As a child of the 1960s who lived in a couple of communal dwellings, esnl was accustomed to folks in the buff, as most humans were throughout most of history.

But we’ve always been fascinated by the huge difference in the way men and women have to dress for the beach or while hanging out on front porches and the like.

When we were growing up in the 1950s and early 1960’s, the only breasts a white Kansas kid growing up in a small farm town could catch a glimpse of unclad womanly flesh was in the National Geographic, where the mammary display was mostly linked to people with significant quantities of epidermal melanin.

If one desired a glimpse of unclad crotches, the only views were to be found in magazines illegally sold under the counter, or in cheap films aired by men-only “smokers.”

Playboy‘s pudenda and attendant foliage were airbrushed away, leaving an under-18 male only those magazines hidden under daddy’s side of the bed or those venerable National Geographic pages.

But all that changed with the arrival of LSD and mass gatherings in the form of rock concerts and “beins.” People lit up and let it all hang out, and sometimes they really did do it in the road.

But it didn’t last, and soon the sight of a topless [what an oxymoron] woman was rare.

Back in the 1980s and 90s a group of Berkeley hippie holdovers would set up in the buff on Telegraph Avenue, much to the delighted chagrin of esnl’s own public school age daughters whenever we made a run to the bookstores that once populated the south-of-campus commercial street.

But save for those occurrences, and since we no longer attend youth music concerts, the sight of adult female areolae in public spaces has vanished.

Male nipples, however, we’ve seen aplenty.

Which brings us to a video of distinguished British actress Amy Brangwyn, reading some very funny verse of her own at the Bad Poets Corner of the Brighton Expression Sessions, public meet-ups described thusly on their website:

Free gatherings in Brighton! meet new people &pixies. with live art, drumming, circus & fire toys, conversations, bonfires. Using expression to reempower!

With that for a preface, on to the video, after the jump. . . Continue reading