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Mr. Fish: Smoke ’em Out!

From Clowncrack, his blog of fulgurous facundity:


Graphic Representation: TrumpBucks™ on trial

We begin with a ruling for the day from the Augusta Chronicle:

Rick McKee: Another so-called judge

Then a weekly weather forecast for the next four years, via the Kansas City Star:

Lee Judge: Apocalypse Now! II

The Arizona Republic wonders, Who ya’ gonna call? TrumpBusters!:

Steve Benson: I’m all for this ‘Repeal and replace’

The Washington Post takes us to the first item in a collection of graphics focusing on that budget proposal:

Ann Telnaes: Trump’s budget cuts what makes us civilized

A [four-star] general assessment from the Philadelphia Daily News:

Signe Wilkinson: Generally bloated

From the Sacramento Bee, designs in mind:

Jack Ohman: Trump’s budget blueprint…

Likewise, from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Mike Luckovich: Military rations

While the Lexington Herald-Leader digests it in TrumpSpeak™:

Joel Pett: oh, and the wall….muy yum!

The Miami Herald examines the other side of the coin:

Jim Morin: You want ‘results?’

And the Minneapolis Star Tribune brings down the curtain:

Steve Sack: Trump’s budget proposal

A similar take from the Indianapolis Star:

Gary Varvel: President Trump’s budget cuts

The Charlotte Observer goes cinematic:

Kevin Siers: Beauty and the Beast’s budget

The Washington Post reframes:

Tom Toles: Trump’s budget makes sense if you include magical thinking

From the Baton Rouge Advocate, the not-so-loyal opposition:

Walt Handelsman: Oval Wall

While the Tucson Daily Star looks at the impacts of that other wall in its own home state:

David Fitzsimmons: Mexico

The San Diego Union-Tribune looks at environmental costs:

Steve Breen: Trump takes a ‘P’

Another orifice heard from, spookily, via the Chattanooga Times Free Press, as we change topics:

Clay Bennett: The Accusation

The Salt Lake Tribune weighs in on the latest idiocy from an anti-immigrant, overtly racist Trump ally in the House of Representatives:

Pat Bagley: Make America White Again

Finally, back to the subject of spooky accusations, there’s this from the Tulsa World:

Bruce Plante: Kellyanne’s microwave oven

Mr. Fish: Picture of Hellth

From Clowncrack, his blog of glochidiate gargalesthesia:

Graphic Representation: Magical Misery Tour

With apologies to the Fab Four.

We begin with the Los Angeles Times, reading the fine print:

David Horsey: The joke is on voters who trusted Trump’s healthcare promises

While the Minneapolis Star Tribune looks at one of the impacts of EPA cuts:

Steve Sack: Clean water, the musical

The Miami Herald completes a slogan:

Jim Morin: Dirty work

A little sleight of hand from the Lexington Herald-Leader:

Joel Pett: Look! Up in the sky! It’s….

While the Atlanta Journal-Constitution covers the art of the steal:

Mike Luckovich: Let’s make a deal.

From the Kansas City Star, going down?:

Lee Judge: Establishing a trend

And from the Sacramento Bee, one character in 140:

Jack Ohman: Mad Men, the sequel…

The Arizona Republic draws a parallel:

Steve Benson: ‘I am not a. . .Dick’

From the Washington Post, the amen chours chimes in:

Tom Toles:  Does Donald Trump cry? Only like this. Sad!

From the Illinois Times, down at the heels:

Chris Britt: Trumpcare

The Buffalo News covers a case where ignorance isn’t bliss:

Adam Zyglis: Scott Pruitt remarks

The San Diego Union-Tribune sounds a similar note:

Steve Breen: New E.P.A. Chief Doubts CO2 Plays Big Part in Global Warming

From the Newark Star-Ledger, standard operating mode:

Drew Sheneman: Our paranoid President Trump

But paranoia may be reasonable, notes the Baton Rouge Advocate in the first of two spooky offerings:

Walt Handelsman: Turn off the TV

And the Tulsa World covers tools of the trade:

Bruce Plante: CIA spying tools

Finally, via the Washington Post, strike up the brand:

Ann Telnaes: The seal of approval

Mr. Fish: Agreement

From Clowncrack, his blog of mischievous malacissation:

Mr. Fish: va•gi•na!

From Clowncrack, his blog of ligniperdous labiomancy:

Graphic Representation: TrumpToons™ and more

We’ve got spooks, healthcare, paranoia, and deportations today.

We open with three offerings about the spying tools available to President Pussygrabber, revealed thanks to WikiLeaks.

We begin with this from the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Steve Breen: Wikileaks Says They Have Exposed CIA Hacking Tools

And then there’s this from the Kansas City Star:

Lee Judge: Big Brother is watching

And there’s this form the Columbus Dispatch:

Nate Beeler: WikiFreakout

Finally, from the Indianapolis Star, this:

Gary Varvel: The CIA can watch you

The Tucson Daily Star goes deep inside:

David Fitzsimmons: Drain the swamp

From the Illinois Times, time to look over your shoulder:

Chris Britt: Paranoid?

The Augusta Chronicle seeks shelter:

Rick McKee: Waiting for another bomb to drop

Next up, more offerings on the Trump/GOP healthcare debacle, starting with this from the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Steve Sack: Replacing the Affordable Care Act

The Sacramento Bee unveils:

Jack Ohman: The House GOP Health Care Roll-out…

Next up, this from the Buffalo News:

Adam Zyglis: Obamacare replacement

The Los Angeles Times sees divine intervention:

David Horsey: A real class act

From the Washington Post, getting schooled:

Tom Toles: You’ll need a degree to understand it

And, finally, the Lexington Herald Leader wants an option:

Joel Pett: Second opinion?

Another offering from the Tulsa World addresses another Trump Administration idiocy:

Bruce Plante: Dr. Ben Carson speaks

From the Salt Lake Tribune, more Trump victims:

Pat Bagley: Deportation Nation

Another take on the same subject from a Pulitzer-winning sydicated cartoonist:

Jeff Danziger: Alien Baseball Players

Finally, from the Washington Post, nuance:

Ann Telnaes: Trump serves up another Muslim travel ban