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And now for something completely different. . .

This time in the form of an award-winning parable for our time from British writer/director Spencer Brown:

The Boy with a Camera for a Face

Program notes:

The online premiere of the multi award winning short film from writer/director Spencer Brown. The Boy with a Camera for a Face is satirical fairy tale about a boy born with a camera instead of a head, whose every moment is transformed by the fact he is recording it. Accompanied by a voice over narration read by Steven Berkoff, the film tells an epic story in fifteen minutes about the way we live today.

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H/T to PetaPixel.

And now for something completely different. . .

Hollywood, God knows, can be a pretentious place, full of inflated egos and bizarre conceptual confabulations. We know this because we lived there for a while, developing many friends in what LA folks call The Industry and later as part owner of an independent production company.

And so it was with especial delight that we came across the latest production of Mommy, a Los Angeles sketch comedy troupe:

BEHIND THE SCENES: first feature film shot entirely on Prius backup camera

Program notes:

written by Andrew Heder & Ryan Kelly
shot, edited and directed by Ryan Kelly
graphics by Amy Bury

– Cast –
Mateo St. Portugal – Andrew Heder @andrewheder
P. Brooks – Paul Brooks @cupcupdrinks
Rose Pilates – Amy Bury @AmyBury1
Grey Epcott – Greg Santos @GregorySantos
Kyle Schmidt – Matt Kelly
Randall Hamms – Ryan Kelly @RyanKelly
Tobe Merkle – Paul Morgan @Paul_J_Morgan

– Mommy Comedy –
Andrew Heder @andrewheder
Ryan Kelly @RyanKelly


special thanks to Mofilm Studios for the studio space

And now for something completely different. . .

That would be Siberian Hip Hop.

From the Siberian Times:

Local comedian and Monty Python fan Ayal Adamov (nickname Urui Ayalaa) and his team Suus Bies Suus decided on some gentle mockery of videos eulogising money and luxurious life beyond the reach of most people.

In particular they poked fun at Timati and the song GQ by visiting the village of Namtsy, 83 km from regional capital Yakutsk, and made this epic video.

“Six months ago, I heard the song ‘GQ’ for the first time, and thought, why not make a parody,” he said.

“Now all the popular videos are about money, a sumptuous life. Everything is so pathetic and I thought – why not to tell about simple things like the khoton (a cowshed in Yakutia, the largest region in the Russian Federation, also known as the Sakha republic) – and manure. Why not?

“To sing about it, I thought it would be fun. I did not expect that our video would be watched by people all across Russia.”

We couldn’t find a full translation of the lyrics, but the excerpt in the program notes gives the gist quite eloquently. And that kumys refers to the Siberian variant of kefir.

From the Siberian Times:

My cowshed is fresh!

Program notes:

Funny video from ΖLΟΙ ΜΔΜΒΕΤ shows how glamorous could be the life in Yakut village.

He sings:
My cowshed is always fresh!
The dung is everywhere
It attracts money and dirt
It fascinates girls with flavor
Hey, baby, let’s drink kumys
Oh, it’s very tasty

H/T to Metafilter.

And now for something completely different. . .

Another classic from the National Film Board of Canada, this time a gentle 1966 satire about the then-new dominance of television in family life.

For those like esnl, who was 20 when this short film was released, the film will evoke a certain nostalgia, including the presence of some very familiar small screen actors of the era, along with allusions to a host of U.S.- and British-produced television shows, ranging from The Munsters and The Addams Family to The Avengers and the host of medical, legal, and Western dramas then dominating the tube.

From the National Film Board of Canada:

Once upon a Prime Time

Program notes:

This short fictional film is a zany spoof of TV content with plenty of violence borrowed from the very source it seeks to parody. Our protagonist is a housewife who has lost her family to the television set. Suddenly, her home is invaded and her life is taken over by characters that seem to spring from the V screen. Initially, she attempts to get the intruders out of her house. But eventually, she begins to see that perhaps a life on TV wouldn’t be so bad after all. Will her distracted husband even notice her departure?

Directed by Bernard Devlin – 1966

Headline of the day: Bibi’s new level of crazy

And even Germany agrees, via the Guardian:

Germany refuses to accept Netanyahu’s claim Palestinian inspired Holocaust

Germany says it has no reason to change its view of history after Israel’s prime minister blames mufti of Jerusalem for inciting Holocaust

Another German also disagrees, via EF Productions:

Hitler Finds Out That Bibi Thinks the Grand Mufti Convinced Hitler to Kill Jews

Program note:

Yes, this is another Downfall parody video.

From Banksy: Dystopian vacation destinations

Banksy, Britain’s renowned street artist and provocateur, has a couple of vacation destinations for your consideration.

First, if you’re truly adventurous, try this option, via banksyfilm:

Make this the year YOU discover a new destination

And if it’s a family destination you have in mind, try this all-inclusive destination, then has he got a vacation venue for you:


When Juice Rap News tackles the Internet

The Internet. . .what to make of it?

We leave that question to the Australian satirists at Juice Rap News, with the help of self described geeky British rapper Dan Bull {son of John?]:

THE INTERNET – Featuring Dan Bull

Program notes:

The time has come to turn our focus onto the very medium which allows us to connect: The Internet. As we know it today, it has only been around for a short time: it’s still an adolescent; still changing and growing. But even as we speak, powerful forces and interests are vying to influence and shape it’s nature as it reaches full maturity. And since humanity’s destiny and that of the Internet are intimately connected, it would be wise to be ask: how is the Internet doing? If the Internet could speak to us as a human today, what kind of person would it be? And most importantly, what kind of a person will it become in the future? Log in with Robert Foster as he poses these very questions to some of the most influential and powerful figures who are today shaping the Internet’s future. Featuring an world-exclusive, world-first appearance from the Internet itself. Only on Juice Rap News.

Written & created by Giordano Nanni & Hugo Farrant in a suburban backyard home studio in Melbourne, Australia, on Wurundjeri Land.