And we’re officially on hiatus for a week. . .

Or maybe more.

We’re moving this weekend, and there’s lots to be done.

From Berkeley to Gardena, what a move.

We’ve made some good friends here in Berkeley, and we’ll miss them, but in Southern California we’ll have a two kids and a granddaughter close by.

Once we’ve got a new Internet connection, we’ll be back up and running, though posting will be slow as we get settled in.

Oh. We may add an occasional posts during the remainder of the week as we pause for a breather, but don’t count on it.

Meanwhile, enjoy the show!

Well make the rest of our signoff graphic:

First, from the Sacramento Bee:

Jack Ohman: Give him a small hand. . .

BLOG B Ohman
Next, from the Arizona Republic:

Steve Benson: Donald Trump’s teapology

BLOG B Benson
We give equal time, first with the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Steve Sack: The Hillary Clinton stash

BLOG B Sacks
And from the Indianapolis Star:

Gary Varvel: Clinton Foundation money

BLOG B VarvelAnd finally, the show must go on, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Mike Luckovich: Faux

BLOG B Lucko


3 responses to “And we’re officially on hiatus for a week. . .

  1. Thank you Richard. I’ll miss your insights. Good luck with your move!

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