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DroughtWatch: Once again, more improvement

We’re a bit late posting this week’s report from the United States Drought Monitor, and there’s some improvement in the numbers. While all California remains in one level of drought or another, there’s a 2.45 percent in the worst [Exceptional Drought] category, a 4.19 percent decline in the Extreme Drought category, and a 1.82 percent decline in the Moderate Drought category:

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Headline of the day: Maybe time for Twig to leaf?

The front page Washington Post homepage teaser for a story that makes us wonder why does this man still holds onto his job, given that he demonstrably can’t do it?:


Headline of the day II: A marriage made in Hell

From BuzzFeed News:

CIA’s “Queen Of Torture” Married To Former CIA Official Who Urges War Between Sunnis And Shiites

The controversial couple were on the agency’s Bin Laden tracking team together in the 1990s

Paul Conrad: “Nothing new to report again today, Mr. Hoover”

A 1969 drawing by the greatest mainstream editorial cartoonist of the 20th Century reminds us of how little has changed in the ensuing decades:


Jim Morin: Cover-ups, the Chicago version

From the editorial cartoonist of the Miami Herald:

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DroughtWatch: Another week and no change

From the United States Drought Monitor:

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R. Cobb: A Thanksgiving reminder from 1968

A somber blast from the past from esnl‘s favorite countercultural editorial cartoonist of the 1960s, a literal reminder to consider the foundation for all those thanks we’re supposed to be giving tomorrow:

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