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California’s public schools, triply segregated

And those hit hardest by the problems are the state’s growing population of Latino youth.

We begin with a video report from RT America:

CA schools highly segregated against Latino students – report

Program notes:

A report from UCLA found that Latinos are more segregated in California schools today than in the 1970s. RT’s Simone Del Rosario takes a look at the report and speaks with one of its authors, Professor Gary Orfield, about the findings and how this happened.

Contrary to the RT interviewer’s statement, the report was released last year by UCLA’s Civil Rights Project/Proyecto Derechos Civiles on the 60th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court Brown vs. Board of Education decision mandating public desegregation.

Here are the highlights:

  • California has had an extremely dramatic increase in the segregation of Latinos, who on average attended schools that were 54 percent white in 1970, but now attend schools that are 84 percent nonwhite.
  • In 1993, black and Latino students were in schools with 52% and 58% poor children, respectively, and no racial/ethnic group attended schools of overwhelming poverty, on average; by 2012, blacks, on average, attended a school that was two-thirds poor children and Latinos a school more than 70% poor.
  • Black and Latino students attend schools that on average have more than two-thirds poor students, while whites and Asians typically attend schools with a majority of middle-class students.
  • The typical black student in California today attends a school with more than 2.5 times as many Latinos as blacks, thus making them a minority within a school dominated by another disadvantaged group.
  • Latino and African-African-American students are isolated in schools with lower graduation rates, less availability of college preparatory courses, the overuse of suspensions and the number of experienced teachers.  By contrast, almost half of Asian American students and about 40% of white students attend schools that rank in the top 20% of Academic Performance Index test scores.
  • The most segregated of the state’s twenty largest school districts are Los Angeles Unified, Santa Ana Unified, San Bernardino Unified and Fontana Unified (near San Bernardino). School districts that are among the most integrated and diverse are in the Sacramento area and Clovis, in the Fresno area.
  • The authors point to these less segregated school districts in California, and stress their value to policymakers seeking models for other communities.  The report details a half-century of desegregation research showing the major costs of segregation and the variety of benefits of schools that are attended by all races.

The full report is here [PDF].

And to conclude, one graphic from the report that highlights the dramatic changes in the public school student population in the Golden State:

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Headline of the day: New tech, new anxieties

From Sky News, a story calculated to raise parental ire:

Sexting Ring Uncovered At Colorado High School

Students shared nude pictures using a hidden, password-protected application disguised as a calculator on their mobile phones.

Student authored Berkeley High racist hack

That was the noxious imagery discovered on the web page of the school’s library, a discovery that lead to a walkout and march by 1,500 students.

From the Oakland Tribune:

Berkeley police Officer Byron White said the department was pleased to identify the student so quickly. “I think it’s terrific to be able to find out, and rare to solve something like this on the same day,” White said.

He said that the case is being reviewed and will most likely be turned over “to juvenile probation for review of charges. It’s a juvenile suspect.”

More from an email sent to students by Berkeley High School Principal Sam Pasarow:

After an extensive investigation conducted by site administrators and technology staff, and with additional resources from the school district and Berkeley Police Department, we were able to identify the student responsible for writing the hateful threats on a library computer.

While we acknowledge that there is a desire for additional details, we are bound by student privacy rights that we must respect. Therefore, all I can share is that we are considering all available  consequences for the individual in response to the widespread hurt that these actions caused.

We will continue to make student safety our number-one priority. In addition to students’ physical safety, we will work to ensure our school culture is positive and inclusive as well as socially/emotionally safe. We realize that unless kids feel safe on many levels (physical, social, emotional, cognitive), the likelihood that they will achieve their intellectual and creative potential is compromised.

Teachers and students, in conjunction with administration, will determine what our next steps are related to healing the harm that has occurred in our community.

This has been a very difficult day-and-a-half at BHS, particularly for African American students, and I want to close by saying I am deeply proud of and moved by our students’ advocacy and commitment to social justice. My sense is that today’s demonstrations brought our school community closer together and I will work with our students and staff to make sure today’s positive momentum moves forward.

In Solidarity,

Sam Pasarow

We conclude with some raw footage of the protest march from Bo Kovitz and Matt Campbell of the Daily Californian:

A spark of old Berkeley ignites at BHS

Reaction to that racist hack of a computer at Berkeley High School has been swift and notable.

From the  webpage of the Oakland Tribune:

BLOG BHS OTFrom the story:

Students at Berkeley High School walked out of classes Thursday morning after news spread that racist slurs were found the day before on a school library computer.

After the walkout, more than 700 students attended an anti-racism rally on the campus at 2246 Milvia St. in downtown Berkeley, police Officer Byron White said.

Students there waved several signs, including some that read, “Black is beautiful” and “Black Lives Matter.”

Loathsome racist hack at Berkeley High School

First, here’s what greeted students at Berkeley High School when they went to the school’s library website, via a Tweet from the school’s Black Student Union:


The Afrikan Black Coalition, an alliance of University of California students, posted a letter written in response to the racist hack by the high school’s Black Student Union:

Tonight the BSU was made aware of a hateful message that was posted on the Berkeley High website. The words “Fuck all the niggers in the world,” “KKK forever public lynching December 9th 2015,” and “I hung a n*gger by his neck in my backyard” were left on the library homepage. All of the students have access to this page and it is clear the author intended for it to be spread. The attached image shows what was posted on the library website. The perpetrator sympathizes with the racist cause of the KKK and makes a clear threat to lynch Black students this December. The terrorists call for the death of all Black people in the message.

This is an act of blatant terrorism towards the Black students and staff members at Berkeley High, and though the BSU is disappointed that this happened, but we are not surprised. The image we have attached has already been circulated amongst students on Twitter and it will no doubt continue to spread.

We are disgusted by this act of terror and demand it be investigated as such. The safety of Black students has been explicitly threatened, and we as the Black Student Union demand that this is addressed immediately by the Berkeley High administration and Berkeley Police Department. In the past acts of terror committed against the Black student body have been ignored such as the racist statement written into last year’s yearbook and the noose that was found on campus. We will not allow this to be trivialized like these other horrific instances.

In Struggle,

The Black Student Union at Berkeley High School

The Daily Californian reports on the response of school administrators:

According to an email sent by Berkeley High Principal Sam Pasarow to students Wednesday night, the administration has launched an investigation into the incident and urges the high school community to unearth any information. Pasarow added that the investigation will involve Berkeley Police Department.

“This is a hate crime and messages such as this one will not stand in our community,” Pasarow said in the email.

Ah, yes, good old “radical lefist” Berkeley.

Chart of the day II: Violent crimes on campus

And note that there’s more of it on private campuses than at public schools. From a January report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics [PDF]:

Campus Law Enforcement, 2011–2012

Map of the day: Post-Sandy Hook shootings

From the Los Angeles Times, where you can find the interactive verion of the map here. Click on the image to enlarge:

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