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Headlines of the day: Whatever could go wrong?

First from the Los Angeles Times:

‘I hope to God I don’t have to use it,’ says a man who brought a gun to a Cleveland Donald Trump rally

Tyson Gross arrived at a Donald Trump rally on the Cleveland riverfront Monday with a plainly visible Glock pistol in a holster on his belt.

And then this, from BBC News:

US election: Gun ban sought at Republican convention

Cleveland police have asked Ohio’s governor to suspend open-carry gun rights during the Republican National Convention.

Headline of the day: And he calls himself a socialist

The latest antics of the French president, who’s about as “socialist” as Richard Nixon, via the San Francisco Chronicle:

CoiffeurGate: French government pays $11,000 a month for President Hollande’s haircuts

François Hollande might be widely disliked, but at least he looks good.

Boris Johnson, British Trump, heads foreign policy

New British Prime Minister Theresa May has named her Foreign Secretary, the equivalent of Secretary of State on this side of the pond, and he’s a British Donald Trump, right down the his extravagant hirsute adornment and his xenophobia.

Meet Boris Johnson, the now-former mayor of London and a lead campaigner for the Brexit.

From the New York Times:

Boris Johnson, Britain’s new foreign secretary, has a quality unusual for a nation’s top diplomat: He can be spectacularly undiplomatic.

Mr. Johnson has suggested that President Obama had an “ancestral dislike of the British Empire,” written a poem insinuating that Turkey’s president had sexual relations with a goat, and likened the European Union — which he helped lead the campaign for Britain to leave — to Hitler’s Third Reich.

And that was only this spring.

In December, he compared Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin, to Dobby the House Elf, a “Harry Potter” character. In 2007, he wrote that Hillary Clinton looked like “a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital.” In 2002, he referred to Africans as “flag-waving pickaninnies.”

So it was with no little shock that the world reacted to the news Wednesday evening that Britain’s new prime minister, Theresa May, had named Mr. Johnson to lead the rarefied Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which employs 14,000 people in nearly 270 diplomatic offices and works with the secret intelligence service MI6.

And here’s how Johnson was described in a 16 April 2008 cable from the U.S. embassy in London when Johnson was running for mayor [via Wikileaks, and thanks to Chelsea Manning]:

Conservative candidate Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s successful candidacy for the mayor of London has defied the laws of political gravity. Johnson is best known as a mistake-prone former journalist twice exposed for committing adultery, now a Conservative MP. Johnson is also well known for apologizing: to the people of Liverpool for accusing them of mawkish sentimentality following the beheading of a resident of the city in Iraq; to the people of Portsmouth after describing the town as “too full of drugs, (and) obesity”; to the people of Papua New Guinea for associating them “with orgies of cannibalism and chief-killing,” and to the people of Africa after remarking on their “watermelon smiles”. He was also sacked as a member of the Shadow Cabinet for lying about an extra-marital affair.

Despite this record, Johnson is a popular figure and has built up a vast following in London.

Gee, if Trump’s elected here and Johnson comes to Washington for talks, they can head to the meeting site in matching clown cars.

Accompanied by stormtroopers.

Headline of the day: American image obsession

From the Guardian:

Half of all US food produce is thrown away, new research suggests

The demand for ‘perfect’ fruit and veg means much is discarded, damaging the climate and leaving people hungry

The Republicans ramp up their war on sex

Porn, gay marriage, and transgender bathrooms they oppose, so-called “gay conversion therapy” they love.

At least that’s the agenda in the platform draft up for approval today, a more puritanical document than that originally proposed by the Republican National Committee,

From the Independent:

Republican delegates have voted unanimously to include an amendment in the party’s draft election platform that describes pornography as “a public health crisis that is destroying the lives of millions.”

The GOP also condemned porn in its 2012 policy platform, which called for current laws on pornography and obscenity to be “vigorously enforced.” But the amendment introduced to the party’s 2016 platform on Monday uses significantly sterner language.


The draft platform also describes as “dangerous” rules imposed by the Obama administration allowing transgender students to use bathrooms according to their gender identity, and urges the US Supreme Court to reverse its 2015 ruling that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right.

An amendment proposed by Tony Perkins, president of the anti-LGBT Family Research Council, endorses so-called “gay conversion therapy” for children, saying: “We support the right of parents to determine the proper treatment or therapy, for their minor children.”

Now if only the Republicans would give up sex altogether and stop reproducing more of themselves the whole world might be better off.

If only the Clintons would do the same.

Headline of the day: An aging idiot mouths off

A screencap of the teaser for the today’s New York Daily News banner story:


And now for something completely different. . .

Really, really different.

And really, really shitty.

Consider the following new sunscreen ad from Nivea:

AdWeek reports on a telling verdict:

Ready for a sunscreen-shitting seagull?

Sir John Hegarty, co-founder of Bartle Bogle Hegarty and all-around advertising legend, was jury president of the Titanium and Integrated Lions at Cannes this year. And his jury recognized plenty of brilliant work, including the Titanium Grand Prix winner, REI’s #OptOutside campaign.

But at the press conference announcing the winners, Hegarty didn’t open his remarks by talking about the top-notch work. He opened by mentioning a Nivea campaign that was so shockingly wretched, it’s a wonder it was entered at Cannes at all. In fact, it’s a wonder it’s not a parody.

His voice dripping with sarcasm, Sir John told the assembled journalists: “One [campaign] we debated long and hard was the flying seagull from Nivea. Without question, this was one of the pieces that caught our attention. … The big, big problem is kids on beaches don’t have enough sunscreen on. They run around and it rubs off. So they developed a [robotic] seagull that flies across the beach and basically shits suntan cream from Nivea. This is, as you can understand, something we had to take very seriously.”


“This is, without question, at the cutting edge of technology and brand integration,” Hegarty continued. “I think actually they’re also teaming up with the Royal National Institute for the Blind, because if you get this stuff in your eyes from the flying seagull, you’ll probably need special attention.”

At this point, Hegarty was done with the sarcasm. “You should see it,” he said. “It’s the most stupid thing I think I’ve seen in my whole life. I actually thought the Monty Python team had gotten together and entered it into [Cannes], to see if we would vote for it.”