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CIA sends torture report down the memory hole

Oh, the irony. We’ll leave rest of the the comments to you, gentle reader.

From Yahoo News:

The CIA inspector general’s office — the spy agency’s internal watchdog — has acknowledged it “mistakenly” destroyed its only copy of a mammoth Senate torture report at the same time lawyers for the Justice Department were assuring a federal judge that copies of the document were being preserved, Yahoo News has learned.

Although other copies of the report exist, the erasure of the controversial document by the CIA office charged with policing agency conduct has alarmed the U.S. senator who oversaw the torture investigation and reignited a behind-the-scenes battle over whether the full unabridged report should ever be released, according to multiple intelligence community sources familiar with the incident.

The deletion of the document has been portrayed by agency officials to Senate investigators as an “inadvertent” foul-up by the inspector general. In what one intelligence community source described as a series of errors straight “out of the Keystone Cops,” CIA inspector general officials deleted an uploaded computer file with the report and then accidentally destroyed a disk that also contained the document, filled with thousands of secret files about the CIA’s use of “enhanced” interrogation methods.

“It’s breathtaking that this could have happened, especially in the inspector general’s office — they’re the ones that are supposed to be providing accountability within the agency itself,” said Douglas Cox, a City University of New York School of Law professor who specializes in tracking the preservation of federal records. “It makes you wonder what was going on over there?”

Headline of the day II: Headed for a cabinet post

From BBC News:

Donald Trump’s ex-butler calls for Obama to be killed

  • The US Secret Service has launched an investigation after Donald Trump’s former butler called for the death of President Barack Obama.
  • Anthony Senecal wrote in a Facebook post that Mr Obama “should have been taken out by our military and shot as an enemy agent in his first term”.

Graphic representation: One Trump in little hands

Only two editorial cartoons today, but with a bonus headline at the end.

First, from the Arizona Republic:

Steve Benson: Trump’s crash course to the White House

BLOG Benson
And from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Mike Luckovich: Diabolical BLOG Lucko
And that headline, currently the lead story on the BBC News home page, about a reaction from the first Muslim mayor of a major European city:


Durn forreners! They all rite funny, fercrissakes!

This is what we’ve come to, via U.S. Uncut:

Ivy League Economist Racially Profiled and Interrogated for Doing Math on American Airlines Flight

A world-renowned Ivy League economist was escorted off an American Airlines plane last Thursday after a paranoid woman mistook him for being a terrorist.

Guido Menzio is currently an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Economics and has also worked at Princeton and Stanford. Last year, he won the 2015 Carlo Alberto Medal for Best Italian Economist Under 40. Unfortunately, the only thing his seatmate noticed about him was that he was brown with black curly hair and a foreign accent.

What was supposed to be a short flight from Philadelphia to Syracuse turned into an ordeal when the woman seated next to Menzio flagged down flight attendants to express her concern over Menzio writing unfamiliar markings into his notebook. After a long wait, the plane headed back to the gate and Menzio was asked to leave the plane.

The Washington Post reports that he was “taken to meet some sort of agent, though he wasn’t entirely sure of the agent’s affiliation.”

The agent informed Menzio that he was suspected of terrorism, and began to look at his notebook. But he learned the unfamiliar markings “weren’t Arabic, or some other terrorist code. They were math.”

While Menzio was eventually returned to his seat, the flight had been delayed for over two hours.

Menzio reported that while he felt he was “treated respectfully throughout,” he expressed frustration with a “broken system that does not collect information efficiently… A security protocol that is too rigid–in the sense that once the whistle is blown everything stops without checks–and relies on the input of people who may be completely clueless. ”

“It is hard not to recognize in this incident, the ethos of [Donald] Trump’s voting base,” Menzio added.

Casey Norton, a spokesman for American Airlines, declined to disclose just how often panicked passengers accuse innocent people of being terrorists, but did acknowledge that it happens “from time to time.”

Mexican anti-meme law author gets memed, duh!

Use a meme, go to prison.

That’s the penalty inscribed in a bill authored by a Mexican national legislator to criminalize unflattering mimesis.

From teleSUR English:

A Mexican lawmaker for the ruling PRI party will present a bill before her state’s congress to criminalize the creation and dissemination of memes on social networks.

Martha Orta Rodriguez suggests a penalty of up to four years in prison and a fine of nearly US$2,000 for those responsible for creating these often humorous and satirical images on the Web.

Orta said she is trying to prevent “harmful” and “humiliating” images from being circulated on the Internet, but unsurprisingly her proposal was not received well online.

A viral campaign of memes has flooded the web in Mexico with all kind of jokes and comments making fun of the lawmaker’s plans to criminalize them.


A quick visit to Twitter’s #LadyMeme yielded a bountiful harvest, including these examples, starting with the Catholic school girl version:

BLOG Memes 8

Then there’s the Star Wars treatment:

BLOG Memes 7

And another cinematic sendup:

BLOG Memes 3

Yet another. . .

BLOG Memes 4

Next, the surreal treatment, no words needed:

BLOG Memes 5

And, finally, no comparison offered:

BLOG Memes 1

Well, what else could she expect?

Headline of the day: Heir apparent hair apparent?

From the Intercept:

Donald Trump’s Hairspray Woes Inspire Climate Denial Riff

Donald Trump bonded with West Virginia coal miners by talking about how nostalgic he is for ozone-depleting hairspray.

Headline of the day II: Sermon on the montebank

From AlterNet:

Conservative Christian Tow Truck Driver Abandons Disabled Woman Because of Her Bernie Bumper Sticker

South Carolina Christian re-enacts Good Samaritan story, plays role of Pharisee.