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Headline of the day II: Armed, uniformed idiots

From NBC News in San Diego:

2 Camp Pendleton Marines Under Investigation for Threatening Facebook Post

This comes just days after another threatening post was found on Craigslist.

And the image from the now-pulled Facebook post:


Headline of the day: Herpetological query

From the McClatchy Washington Bureau:

‘I am not a lizard’: Mark Zuckerberg is latest celebrity asked about reptilian conspiracy

Mark Zuckerberg would like you to know he is not a shape-shifting lizard person bent on world domination.

Headline of the day: Meet the Christian ISIS

From the Los Angeles Times:

YouTube removes video of Sacramento pastor praising Orlando mass shooting

A YouTube video in which a Sacramento Baptist church pastor praised the massacre of 49 people at a gay nightclub in Florida and called the victims pedophiles and predators was removed Tuesday for violating the website’s policy on hate speech. 

Headline of the day: Playing with fascist fire

From the Atlantic Wire:

Trump: Obama Was Maybe Involved in the Orlando Shooting

The Republican nominee has called on the president to resign and implied in no uncertain terms that President Obama may have been implicated in the massacre at a gay bar

Headline of the day: Well, FuckYou™ Citigroup

From Ars Technica:

Citigroup trademarks “THANKYOU” and sues AT&T for thanking clients

Not to be outdone by Citigroup, AT&T has applied to trademark “AT&T THANKS.”

More idiocy from the state that give us Ted Cruz. . .

Ah, Texas.

Land of. . .well, we’ll leave that to you after you watch this delightful little tale from The Young Turks:

Haboob Or Dust Storm? National Weather Service Angers Texans

Program notes:

Recently a weather event called a haboob happened in Texas, when the National Weather Service tried to warn local residents many Texans took issue with the use of the Arabic word. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks discuss.

So if they don’t like haboob, will they stop teaching algebra?

Using oranges, lemons, and limes?

Swear off mint juleps? Or all forms of alcohol?

Sitting on sofas?

Adding a bit of sugar to their coffee?

And what about that stuff that afflicts some of the their drylands, that alkali?

Then there’s that adobe that’s so ubiquitous in Texas.

And all that cotton, and even cotton candy.

And what about all those jars in their kitchen?

And that syrup they pour on their pancakes?

Yep, if Texans are upset about adopting an Arabic word for a certain kind of dust storm [and a word that’s in common use in Arizona, or at least it was when we lived there], then they’re gonna have to change out a whole lot of other words.

And what’s Willie Nelson without his guitar?

If you ask us, it’s all a big zero.

Headline of the day: One-man population explosion

From Agence France-Presse:

Pakistani father of 35 aims for 100 children

A Pakistani father of 35 is now searching for a fourth wife as he romps towards his goal of 100 children, a dubious ambition in the conservative Muslim country where polygamy is rare but still practiced.