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Headline of the day II: UC Follies show continues

From ProPublica, the University of California administration never fails to not disappoint:

University of California Regent Violated Ethics Rules, Review Finds

A secret 2015 report found that a doctor on the UC board of regents tried to negotiate a deal between his eye clinics and UCLA, and engaged in discussions in which he had a financial interest. He denied wrongdoing but resigned as chair of the regents’ health committee.


UC Davis chancellor investigated, sent on leave

University of California, Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi [previously], formerly known as the boss of the Pepper-Spraying Cop and the beneficiary of large chunks of cash from corporations publishing textbooks used by her students and operating a for-profit university, is out, at least for now.

The move comes two weeks after the University of California Students Association formally called for her ouster.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Suddenly, however, Katehi was gone — abruptly placed on administrative leave late Wednesday by UC President Janet Napolitano.

Napolitano ordered an outside investigation into “serious questions” over Katehi’s involvement in jobs for family members, possible misuse of student funds and “material misstatements” about her role in the hiring of social media firms to bury negative publicity about a campus police pepper-spraying of peaceful student protesters in 2011. If proven, Napolitano said, the actions may violate university policies on conflicts-of-interest, ethical conduct and use of student fees.

Katehi’s attorney has called the allegations “entirely unjustified,” while the chancellor told faculty members on Wednesday morning that she was “100% committed” to staying at Davis.

On Thursday, the campus was abuzz with a central, perplexing question: How could such a brilliant woman stumble so badly with a string of such questionable decisions?

The latest issues raised follow weeks of controversy over Katehi’s decision to take two paid board positions — one with a textbook publisher, the other with a for-profit firm, DeVry Education Group, which is being investigated by state and local authorities for allegedly deceiving students over job and income prospects.

In addition to her personal profiteering Katehi came to the university with a express agenda: Pull research away from the big questions of general science and refocus on work that could lead to profitable patents.

From Ars gratia artis to Ars gratia emolimentum.

There’s a certain hypocrisy in Napolitano’s action, given that the university system actively hypes its celebrity academics who reap millions from startup companies they found based on work they did on the public payroll.

Yet another sex scandal emerges at good ol’ Cal

Seems like every week brings yet one more allegation of sexual misdeeds at the University of California’s flagship campus.

The latest from the Oakland Tribune East Bay Times:

Rocked by a widening sexual misconduct scandal, the University of California on Thursday revealed it has hired an outside investigator to examine allegations that the Cal men’s crew coach failed to report a sexual assault claim against one of his rowers.

A former female member of the team claims coach Mike Teti, an Olympic medalist and nationally regarded coach, knew she had been sexually assaulted in December 2013 at a crew team party. Instead of reporting it, she said, the coach told her to stop crying, saying, “You’re no angel anyway,” and asked her about her sexual relationships with other rowers.

Reached Thursday evening, Teti wrote in an email the “allegations are completely false and I’m confident any investigation will prove this.”

The allegations come just weeks after Cal assistant basketball coach Yann Hufnagel resigned after the university found he had propositioned a female reporter for sex and revelations that diving coach Todd Mulzet was docked $455 in pay for sexually bullying a co-worker. On Thursday, the university told this news organization it is not renewing Mulzet’s contract. The coaches are part of a larger scandal that has brought down a UC Berkeley provost, law school dean, world-renowned astronomy professor and other high profile faculty members.

Headline of the day III: Cal’s obsessive secrecy

From the Los Angeles Times, the front page headline teaser for this story:

UC Berkeley has a $150M deficit, and professors say the process to fix it is shrouded in secrecy

Many professors say they have been largely left out of the early planning efforts, counter to Berkeley’s long tradition of joint decision-making between administrators and faculty.

Ousted UC Berkeley coach lands another job

He lands in a cushy spot just across the state line with a university comfortabe with hiring a man ousted from his job at Cal for sexual predation.

From Salon:

Just one month ago, UC Berkeley moved to fire assistant basketball coach Yann Hufnagel for violating the university’s sexual harassment policy. But don’t worry about the guy; this is a story about the world of sports, so, he’ll be fine. Hufnagel dropped his appeal in what feels like record time and resigned to accept a nice new job at the University of Nevada, Reno. The university’s new coach Eric Musselman told the Reno Gazette-Journal Monday that he was “comfortable with” the hiring.

 Hufnagel’s career at Berkeley ended after a female reporter who covered the team accused him of sexual misconduct over a period spanning late 2014 to the spring of 2015. Because she needed access to Hufnagel to do her job, she said that he took advantage of her situation, texting her sexual innuendos and even trying to get her on board for a three-way with a friend of his. Most damningly, she also said that he “made several claims that he was expecting to have sex” with her after she drove him home one night after he said he was too drunk to drive. What ensued, she said, was a tense standoff in his locked garage that made her feel “scared” until she left.

At an open forum on UNR’s campus last week, members of the student body and faculty voiced concerns over the hiring to the university’s president Marc Johnson and Athletic Director Doug Knuth. UNR political science professor Jennifer Ring said, “I was upset and a little embarrassed. A guy the University of California was prepared to fire, we have hired,” and a female freshman asked if the message the school was sending is that it’s “OK to do such things. You’ll still get that position somewhere.”

UC President demands tougher sex abuse rules

Yep, the University of California is cracking down on sexual predators in academic robes at the insistence of its president, who says earlier proposals didn’t go far enough to curb the kind of abuse that’s been flourishing, especially at the Berkeley campus.

The ongoing scandals at Cal ahve already resulted in the resignation of one of the nation’s leading astronomers, the law school dean, and an athletic coach, though no tenured faculty have been dismissed and firings have been limited to non-teaching staff.

From the East Bay Times:

A University of California committee charged with recommending reforms for the investigation and discipline of faculty accused of sexual misconduct did not go far enough in its initial report and will need to reconvene, UC President Janet Napolitano said in a letter released Monday.

Napolitano said the committee made “several important recommendations,” including changes to make it easier to place a faculty member who is under investigation on involuntary leave. But, she said, the committee needs to come back in three months with recommendations for a clear timeline — no longer than five months for the investigation and discipline of a professor — among other changes that will require careful consideration.

 “Given the seriousness of these cases and the shortcomings that have been identified with existing processes and policies, however, this work is crucial,” she wrote.

UC student body seeks Chancellor Katehi ouster

The latest pushback against Linda Kathei, the University of California, Davis chancellor, corporate profiteer. pepper-spraying-cop boss, and Internet search engine scrubber, comes from the student body of the entuire UC system.

From the Davis Enterprise:

Late Friday, the University of California Student Association issued a call for the chancellor’s resignation or termination. The UCSA calls itself the “official voice of over 240,000 undergraduate, graduate and professional students from all 10 UC campuses.”

After a vote to formally call for Katehi to resign or be terminated, UCSA president Kevin Sabo, a senior at UC Berkeley, decried Katehi’s “blatant disregard of her responsibility as a UC leader.”

Referencing the money spent on clearing negative web references to Katehi and UCD, Sabo continued. “I have to ask: Where did that money come from? Is there a donor out there who chose to fund PR stunts over scholarships? Was it worth it, now that the image they tried so hard to delete is etched deeply into the memories of students and legislative leaders who consider these actions egregious and corruptive?