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Brazil’s coup leader hoisted by his own petard

Sometimes irony is delicious. From the Guardian: Eduardo Cunha, the Brazilian politician who orchestrated the impeachment of the country’s first female president, Dilma Rousseff, has been arrested on corruption charges. Federal police detained the former speaker of the lower house … Continue reading

Rousseff to face impeachment after Olympics

Brazil’s neoliberal-dominated senate has done the expected and ordered suspended President Dilma Rousseff to stand trial for impeachment based on allegations of the same sorts of corruption her accusers may be tried. The legislative coup’s backers are already reaping financial … Continue reading

Rousseff’s allies seek dismissal of impeachment

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was ousted in a legislative coup by ultra-conservative national legislators who imposed a regime which is busily selling off national assets and privatizing the landscape. But the charges they lodged against Rousseff are falling apartment, and … Continue reading

Audit clears Brazil’s Rousseff, coup polls lower

Two notable stories coming out of Brazil today, both reported by teleSUR English. First, an audit has cleared Rousseff of financial wrongdoing, one of the key charges lodged in the impeachment resolution that forced her to step aside: A report … Continue reading

Another Brazilian coup gov’t member in trouble

Yet one more cabinet member of the hard Right government installed by the conspirators who led the move to impeach Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is facing possible criminal charges. From teleSUR English: Brazil’s coup imposed Education Minister Mendonca Filho is … Continue reading

Tape proves Rousseff ouster really was a coup

Anyone with the slightest doubt that the impeachment of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is anything other than a coup should be disabused of their credulity by events coming out of that Latin American nation today. The scenario unfolding in Brasilia … Continue reading

A Latin American coup, Germans, and history

Paraguay’s moderate leftist President Fernando Lugo has been ousted from office in a legislative coup, following a bloody fight between police and peasants occupying land they claimed was illegally seized by a member of the party behind the ouster. The … Continue reading

Panama Papers law firm founders arrested

Once in a while a single event provides a juncture between two ongoing stories we’ve been following. First up, the legislative coup that ousted Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and the subsequent criminal indictments filed against the coup participants as the … Continue reading

Case against former Brazilian president is failing

The immensely popular Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, son of sharecroppers, labor activist, and co-founder of the Partido dos Trabalhadores [PT], served as President of Brazil from 2003 through 201i. He was succeeded by party ally Dilma Rousseff, who served … Continue reading

Austerity on the march in Portugal and Brazil

The austerians, the folks who impose a “new fiscal order” on nation-states in order to assure the ongoing profits of banksters and corporateers, are exercising their reign across the globe, forcing governments to public abandon healthcare systems, public spaces, public … Continue reading

The Brazilian debacle: Delay and a comeback

The drama in Latin America’s largest nation continues. Two stories from teleSUR English cover some of the latest developments. First up, a cosmetic delay: A verdict in the impeachment trial of Brazil’s suspended President Dilma Rousseff will not be reached … Continue reading

Brazil’s new president is U.S. [+CIA?] informant

And a Wikileaks cable tells the tale, reporting on a meeting between newly installed Acting President Michael Temer and U.S. Embassy officials including political officers [poloffs], a position often used as official cover by agents of the Central Intelligence Agency. … Continue reading

InSecurityWatch: Cops, torture, hacks, & Asia

And so much more. . . To open, there’s an ap for that via the Associated Press: ‘Driving while black’ apps give tips for police stops A “Driving While Black” smartphone application is set for release this month, but its … Continue reading

Headlines: Pols, lies, eCons, and polluters

Today’s tales from the worlds of economics, politics and the environment — plus added Fukusihmapocalypse Now! — opens with hope for modest relief for some via the Guardian: Sallie Mae and Justice Department in $60m deal over military student loans … Continue reading

Headlines: Pols, EconoEnvirofails, more

Today’s headlines from the worlds of economics, politics, and the environment begins with business as usual from BuzzFeed: Biden’s Son, Polish Ex-President Quietly Sign On To Ukrainian Gas Company Revelations that Hunter Biden and Aleksander Kwasniewski serve on the board … Continue reading

Headlines: Classes, corps, cons, divisions

Today’s collection of headlines from the worlds of economics, politics, and their impact on the environment begins with the discovery of a significant pattern, via the Associated Press: Fear of economic blow as births drop around world The financial crisis … Continue reading

Headlines: EconoEcoKleptoMegaManiacs

Once again, a collection of things economic, political, ecological, and more, complete with Fukushimapocalypse Now! First up, from TechWeekEurope, an ominous notice that Big Brother intends you to wear him, ushering in the dawn of a new era of Taylorism: … Continue reading

Headlines I: EconoPoliBankoEcoFukuFollies

A huge amount of fascinating stories about currents in play in our increasingly neoliberalized global physical and fiscal world. We’re following up with another headline set devoted to the dark arts of militarism, espionage. drones, and suchlike. We open with … Continue reading

Headlines again, with global warning signs

Today’s entries cover everything from social media to troubling tensions in Asia. We open with a tale of corporatized medicine from the Los Angeles Times: UC OKs paying surgeon $10 million in whistleblower-retaliation case The settlement ends a case brought … Continue reading

Headlines of the day II: EconoPoliEcoFukunews

We begin today’s collection of news political, economic, environmental, and nuclear — including the latest chapter of Fukushimapocalypse Now! — with a take on the merger de jour from Kevin Siers of the Charlotte Observer: From the Washington Post, consequences … Continue reading