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Map of the day: Pacific coral reef bleaching threat

From NOAA’s Coral Reef Watch, area of the Pacific and Indian oceans with a immediate risk of thermal-induced bleaching:

Map of the day: Bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef

And the story, from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies: Only 7% of the Great Barrier Reef has avoided coral bleaching Australian scientists have revealed today the full extent of the coral bleaching that is unfolding on … Continue reading

Global warming linked to massive coral reef dieoffs

Donald Trump and his crew of wreckers may believe climate change is a hoax, but nearly all of country’s scientists disagree huuugely. So, too, does the American public, which is growing increasingly worried about what lies ahead, as new polling … Continue reading

Great Barrier Reef suffers a massive coral die-off

Back in March, scientists were predicting that 2016 could be a catastrophic year fir Australia’s famous Great Barrier Reef, with a record hot summer leading to the increased ocean temperatures lethal to the polyps that create the intricate calcium carbonate … Continue reading

Map of the day: Coral reef danger hot zones

From the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Coral Reef Watch website, regions of the world’s oceans where rising water temperatures pose a threat to the reefs that provide breeding grounds for many of the word’s food fish: More from NOAA: … Continue reading

Map of the day: Tracking the coral bleaching crisis

Increased carbon dioxide emissions are slowly acidifying the world’s oceans, leading to an unprecedented die-off and bleaching of the world’s coral reefs, the breeding grounds for many of the fish species on which a good part of humanity and many … Continue reading

Image of the day: Coral bleaching in the Maldives

A stunning image from the XL Catlin Seaview Survey, in partnership with Google, the University of Queensland, and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency tracking the health of the world’s coral reefs at a time when they are threatening … Continue reading

Another climate-caused Great Barrier Reef die-off

The Great Barrier Reef, one of the great natural wonders of the world and a critical breeding ground for fish and other marine species, is slowly dying. The culprit is global warming, and this year’s die-off is the third such … Continue reading

Today in climate change: Political ploys & reefs

It’s gonna be a hot time on the Big Blue Marble if the GOP has its way. We begin the presumptive presidential candidate, via the Associated Press: Presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump unveiled an “America first” energy plan he … Continue reading

Maps of the day III: Warm seas are bleaching coral

From NASA’s Earth Observatory comes today’s second post about dangers to the planet’s vitally important coral reefs [the first post is here]: Warm Seas Lead to Extensive Coral Bleaching For all of the apparent hardness of their skeletons, corals are … Continue reading

Ocean acidification is killing Florida coral reefs

Add carbon dioxide to water and you get carbonic acid, the same stuff the gives the tartness to carbonated soft drinks, and when rains pass through air overladen with COs, a dilute form of carbonic acid is created. Coral reefs … Continue reading

Joel Pett: Reefer Madness

The perfect followup to our previous post comes from the editorial cartoonist the Lexington Herald-Leader:

Ocean acidification threatens Great Barrier Reef

Following up on today’s earlier alarm about the great threat to ocean life and food supplies posed by CO2-generated acidification of waters along the Pcific Coast on North America comes another alarm about acidification’s deadly threat. This time the victim … Continue reading

Coral reefs in peril; A concern for all of us

Though they occupy only a relatively small part of the planet, coral reefs represent once of the most diverse of all ecological systems. And they’re also very much in peril, both from what humans pour into the atmosphere and the … Continue reading

Climate change threatens oceans, food supplies

As the earth heats up, the oceans, the source of all life, are undergoing rapid, ominous changes capable of dramatically altering the context of human existence. We begin with a briefing from the World Bank: Billions of people worldwide —especially … Continue reading

World temperature records as Trump heads to office

Americans elected the nation’s most vocal denier of global climate change in a years scientists say is nearly certain to be the hottest ever recorded. Trump, whose frequent and crudely misinformed denials that humans are making the world hotter, stands … Continue reading

Climate change poses another threat to fish

We’ve posted previously about the climate change threats to the coral reefs sheltering the young of many of the fish compromising the main source of protein from many of the world’s nations. Reefs provide a protective environment the fry of … Continue reading

Greening, or the politics thereof: You choose. . .

Two stories from potential Trans Pacific Partnership reflect the vagaries of green politics, as well as the beneficiaries thereof. First up, via teleSUR English, an Australian measure professing to be for the benefit of the Great Barrier Reef but probably … Continue reading

No cause for celebration on Christmas Island

We’ll begin with the latest and perfectly time offering from the editorial cartoonist of the Minneapolis Star Tribune: Steve Sack: Coral reefs And now for the sobering story, from Georgia Institute of Technology: A team of marine scientists from the … Continue reading

Acidic oceans are fueling alien invasions

Not invasions of little green men, but of oceanic species invading niches once filled by othber species lost to rising carbonic acid levels fueled by CO2 emissions. The sobering details, via Newswise: Ocean acidification may well be helping invasive species … Continue reading