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Study reveals where psychedelics zap your brain

This is your brain on drugs, or, more specifically, how three different psychedelic drugs, psilocybin [‘shrooms]. LSD, and ketamine [“Special K”], as revealed in a new scientific study revealing that psychedelics trigger neuronal excitement in specific brain areas,  as reported … Continue reading

Psilocybin cuts cancer patient anxiety, depression

Psilocybin, a mind-altering chemical found in “magic mushrooms,” once again proves the most powerful treatment yet for anxiety and depression, this time in cancer patients. Two parallel studies have demonstrated remarkable effects from the drug, one which also also been … Continue reading

Chart of the day: Psilocybin depression relief

From Psiliocybin with psychological support for treatment-resistant depression: an open-label feasibility study [PDF, open access], from The Lancet, the latest scientific investigation indicating that the active agent in psychedelic mushrooms [previously] may be the most effect treatment for severe depression:

Reevaluating psychedelic drugs: Retro Report

Our second book, Deadly Blessings: Faith Healing on Trial, included a lengthy section on a California psychotherapist who used LSD, Ketamine, and other mind-altering drugs in an unconventional, commune-based practice that led to the loss of her professional license. But … Continue reading

Psychedelics linked to reduced spousal abuse

Psilocybin [shrooms], LSD, and other psychedelic drugs [previously] have been shown to provide the most effective agents in reducing chronic severe depression and stopping smoking, and may be useful in fighting alcoholism. Now comes word that they may also play … Continue reading

Psilocybin reduces the stress of social isolation

Yet another study reveals that a powerful psychedelic drug, the same organic compound already shown to be the longest-lasting and most effective antidepressant yet discovered, has yet another powerful therapeutic property: Relief from the overwhelming stress of social isolation. The … Continue reading

This is your brain on LSD: More integrated

As brain researchers are finding more evidence that the so-called hallucinogenic drugs are the most powerful antidepressants known [previously] and may be effective in reducing spousal abuse, other studies using the latest imaging techniques are offering an understand of just … Continue reading

EnviroWatch: Health, toxins, water, and nukes

We begin with veggie woes, via Medical Daily: Salmonella Food Poisoning Most Common In Vegetables, Not Meat We tend to be wary when it comes to the meat or dairy products in our refrigerator, but rarely err on the side … Continue reading

Best way to stop smoking? Try shrooms

Not only do psilocybin mushrooms treat depression more effectively than prescription drugs and offer new hope for chronic alcoholics, now it seems they may offer the best hope for long-term smokers. From Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine: ‘Magic Mushrooms’ … Continue reading

Another pothead in politics: Justin Trudeau

Yep, the head of Canada’s Liberal Party is a pothead, and he’s smoked while serving as a sitting member of Parliament. Justin Trudeau is the son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, and his mother, Margaret, acknowledged that she, … Continue reading

Chemo Chronicles: Status, and another drug

We made a trip to see our oncologist this week, and the word back is good. Indeed, we’re told, we’re handling the chemotherapy better than the average patient. And while we received only half the scheduled dose at last week’s … Continue reading

New study reveals LSD alcoholism therapy works

Back in 1972, where we worked as an associate editor of Psychology Today magazine, we reported on the Nixon administration’s closure of the last LSD research on alcoholism treatment. We interview many of the leading researchers of the day, who, … Continue reading

Breaching another taboo: New light on shrooms

From RT’s program description: On tonight’s Geeky Science segment…We all know how magic mushrooms made the 1960’s a big colorful blur. But what is new research showing us about their possible beneficial effects? A new report in the Proceedings of … Continue reading

Is the most effective antidepressant illegal?

If the volume of prescriptions written are any guide to the prevalence of medically diagnosed disorders, then depression is the greatest single medical problem in the United States. As CNN reported on in 2007 about a just-published survey: According to … Continue reading

A deadly stew of acronyms: When CIA meets LSD

Investigative writer H.P. “Hank” Albarelli Jr., an, attorney, and former Carter administration official, has written a devastating expose of Central Intelligence Agency drug experiments, with his focus on the death of intelligence and chemical and biological warfare  scientist Frank Olson, … Continue reading