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Panama Papers law firm founders arrested

Once in a while a single event provides a juncture between two ongoing stories we’ve been following. First up, the legislative coup that ousted Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and the subsequent criminal indictments filed against the coup participants as the … Continue reading

Panama Papers: The case of the silent watchdog

Back in the fictional London of 1897, if criminals struck the prominent, there was only one person to call, Sherlock Holmes. In The Adventure of Silver Blaze, Arthur Conan Doyle wrote about the case of a famous racehorse, abducted before … Continue reading

Suspect arrested in Panama Papers leak

From BBC News: A computer technician at Mossack Fonseca has been arrested on suspicion of removing large amounts of data from the company, the BBC understands. The employee was arrested at the law firm’s Geneva offices after the company provided … Continue reading

Iceland’s president nailed by the Panama Papers

Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, the Icelandic president first elected to office in 1996 as a political science professor turned politician, has become the second national politician linked by the Panama Papers to offshore bank accounts, coming only three days after he … Continue reading

Steve Sack: The ‘Panama Papers’

We dedicate this one to Li Ka-Shing. From the editorial cartoonist of the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Panamanian government censors leak probers

Sometimes really you don’t want to know what think you want to know, or at least you don’t want others to share in that knowledge. That appears to be the case with the investigation the Panamanian government convened when all … Continue reading

Panama Leaks: When a rose ≠ a rose ≠ a rose

Sometimes an interesting name pops up when you’re a journalist investigating things other folks want kept secret. Consider the case of journalists from reporters for the Sacramento Bee and its Sacramento-based parent company, McClatchy Newspapers looking into those infamous Panama … Continue reading

Panama leaks claim another Icelandic causalty

Before we get to the main story, there’s this from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists: The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists publishes today a searchable database that strips away the secrecy of nearly 214,000 offshore entities created in 21 … Continue reading

Quote of the day: A plea from the Panama leaker

An excerpt from an extended manifesto by “John Doe,” the source of the Panama Leaks, published in the Süddeutsche Zeitung: I have watched as one after another, whistleblowers and activists in the United States and Europe have had their lives … Continue reading

Headline of the day II: Forget Panama, try Nevada

From the Los Angeles Times: For just $309, you too can hide your assets — in the U.S. “The mechanisms are pretty much the same here,” said Matthew Gardner, executive director of the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, a … Continue reading

Prominent Berkeley name in Panama Leaks files

UPDATED: To correct value of donation [H/T to reader Judi Sierra!] Back when we reported for the late print edition of the Berkeley Daily Planet, we wrote about the decision of the university to rename the building housing the University … Continue reading

Headline of the day II: More Panama leaks woes

From Deutsche Welle: Thousands demand Iceland Prime Minister David Gunnlaugsson resign over ‘Panama Papers’ revelations Iceland’s prime minister has rebuffed calls to resign following allegations he hid million dollar investments overseas. The revelations are part of the “Panama Papers” leaks … Continue reading

Iceland’s Pirates fail in bid to form a government

Yarr. Iceland’s Pirate Party, a curious collection of activists headed by “poetician” Birgitta Jónsdóttir [previously], has failed in its bid to form a coalition to head an island nation with a population smaller than Sacramento’s. The Pirates were asked to … Continue reading

Iceland’s government falls; Pirate Party surges

The fight for control of the world’s oldest democracy enters a new phase today,. With the fall of the old government setting the stage for negotiations to form a new one. But a surge by the Pirate Party [previously] and … Continue reading

Iceland votes today; Pirate Party may form gov’t

In a remarkable turn of events, an upstart party headed by a former Wikileaks editor appears likely to head a new coalition government. In Iceland, they’re known as the Píratapartýið, the Pirate Party, and they’re headed by self-styled poetician and … Continue reading

With elections called Iceland’s Pirates may reign

Iceland’s Pirate Party is drawing closer to the summit of power, as scandals sparked by the release of the Panama Papers have forced the resignations of the prime minister and forced a Panama Papered president to call elections for 29 … Continue reading

Greening, or the politics thereof: You choose. . .

Two stories from potential Trans Pacific Partnership reflect the vagaries of green politics, as well as the beneficiaries thereof. First up, via teleSUR English, an Australian measure professing to be for the benefit of the Great Barrier Reef but probably … Continue reading

Headline of the day II: Like, you’re surprised?

From the McClatchy DC Bureau: U.S. banks help their best customers find their way to offshore accounts Panama Papers shows that banks refer clients to Mossack Fonseca One client sought an offshore for $14 million transaction None of the banks … Continue reading

Headline of the day II: Plutocratic pals linked

From the McClatchy Washington Bureau: Inside Panama Papers: Multiple Clinton connections   Some donors to Clinton foundation used the Panamanian law firm for offshores Connections come from the more than 40 years Bill and Hillary Clinton have spent in public … Continue reading

Yar! Mateys, there be pirates here. Yar!

Three members of Iceland’s Pirate Party, now running at the top of political polls in that country, pause for a moment of symbolic protest outside the Althing, the national legislature, where they serve as the conservative coalition governing the country … Continue reading