Mr. Fish: See No Greatness

Dwayne Booth, AKA Mr. Fish is in our eyes by far the greatest living editorial cartoonist, ill-fated in being born in a day where newspapers are dying and staff cartoonist positions have dwindled.

His ferocity reminds a view of the greatest cartoonists of the Gilded Age [Thomas Nast springs readily to mind], and of the late R. Cobb, whose works in the 1960s and ’70s for the late Los Angeles Free Press marked high watermark of 20th Century editorial cartooning.

And while you at it, do to his website, where you can find signed prints, shirts, silkscreens, books, and even a movie about Mr. Fish.

Today’s entry was crated as an illustration for Scheerpost, the website founded by the venerable Robert Scheer, who was known back in my LA reporting days as the house radical at the Los Angeles Times.

The illustration was crafted for a podcast interview by Scher of Matt Tyrnauer, director of the remarkable Showtime documentary television series, “The Reagans.” The podcast focuses on how Ronald Reagan paved the way for Donald Trump, a pair of TV stars who made it all the way to the White on a slogan of Make America Great Again. The two were also alike in ignoring, then downplaying lethal epidemics.

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