Graphic Representation: TrumpAmerica™ Follies

We begin with two statuary takes on International Women’s Day from the Washington Post. First up:

Tom Toles: A Day Without a Woman is observed at the highest level

The Washington Post again, covering a blackout:

Ann Telnaes: Lady Liberty takes a stand

Next, the Minneapolis Star Tribune finds an addict getting his fix:

Steve Sack: Before dawn in the Executive Residence …

From the Miami Herald, he’s up a tree:

Jim Morin: Trump steaks. . .and the stakes

While a nationally syndicated Pulitzer winner charts a trajectory:

Jeff Danziger: Trump Evolution

Our next items focus on the Trump/GOP efforts to rewrite the Affordable Care Act, starting with this from the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

Clay Bennett: Operation

The Charlotte Observer compares:

Kevin Siers: GOPcare for rich and poor

While the Salt Lake Tribune looks at the role played by the House Republican steering the “reforms” through Congress:

Pat Bagley: Jason Chaffetz Dials It Up

The Columbus Dispatch focuses on his orchestra:

Nate Beeler: Republican Virtuoso

And the Newark Star Ledger looks at the acquiescence of its own Trump enablers:

Drew Sheneman: N.J.’s GOP congressional delegation – Profiles in Courage

From the San Diego Union-Tribune, half-baked:

Steve Breen: Republicans’ Health Care Plan Leaves Something to Be Desired

Finally, another look at the likely outcome from the Tulsa World:

Bruce Plante: Obamacare Replacement


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