Israel follows Trump’s lead with a new travel ban

Never were too allies so better suited for each other, a landlord who once excluded black folks from his apartments and a Zionist zealot who’s been busily evicting non-Jews from their homes and villages to make room for folks more like him.

They’re similarly disposed to repress any kind of dissent.

And that brings us to the new Israeli travel ban, via Deutsche Welle:

Opposition and human rights groups on Tuesday slammed a newly approved Israeli law that bans entry to foreigners who support boycotting the country.

Israel’s parliament passed the bill, which withholds visas and residence permits from people who have “knowingly issued a public call to boycott the state of Israel or pledged to take part in such a boycott,” a parliament statement said late on Monday.

For decades Israel faced boycott calls for its 50 year occupation of the Palestinian Territories, but the movement known as BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) raised its profile in recent years with help of celebrity backers such as Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters.

Government ministers defended the law, which goes into force in a few days, as a necessary response to what it sees as a strategic and anti-Semitic threat, but rights group criticized it as a suppression of free speech.


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