Graphic Representation: More TrumpTurmoil™

We begin with offerings on the increasing troubled career of the Attorney General, starting with this from the Washington Post:

Tom Toles: Sessions asks and answers the burning question, but something doesn’t smell right


The Miami Herald speaks in tongues:

 Jim Morin: Lost in translation


While the Arizona Republic keeps it simple:

Steve Benson: A man of few words, true ones, anyway


The Salt Lake Tribune take paws:

Pat Bagley: Jeff Sessions Bears Witness


And the Atlanta Journal-Constitution hears from on high:

Mike Luckovich: Lawman


Whilst at the Charlotte Observer, the clock is ticking:

Kevin Siers: The Jeff Sessions Countdown


And the Tulsa World foresees a moving experience:

Bruce Plante: Attorney General Jeff Beauregard Sessions


The San Diego Union-Tribune ponders an engima:

Steve Breen: Questions Linger Over Trump Administration and Russia


Meanwhile, the Chattanooga Times Free Press seeks the ties that bind:

Clay Bennett: Trump’s Tie


The Minneapolis Star Tribune damns with faint praise:

Steve Sack: Reviews of Trump’s speech


And the Newark Star-Ledger officers it’s own review:

Drew Sheneman: Our ‘presidential’ President Trump


Meanwhile, at the Columbus Dispatch, Trump’s Apprentice replacement offers a review:

Nate Beeler: Girly Man


Our final three offerings focus on the rising tide of intolerance nurted by President Pussygrabber.

From the Chicago Tribune, anger:

Scott Stantis: Anti-Semitic attacks are anti-American


The Kansas City Star casts a wider net:

Lee Judge: If you spread it, they will come


And we conclude with a grim diagnosis from the Philadelphia Daily News:

Signe Wilkinson: Affordable care needed



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