Graphic Representation: TrumpTime™ once again

We open with the Los Angeles Times, and a case when ignorance is bliss — at least some of the time:

David Horsey: Pence and Tillerson’s message to allies: Ignore the tweeter in chief


And the Columbus Dispatch looks at the state of the Donald:

Nate Beeler: The State of the Donald


The Washington Post gave us a sneak peak:

Ann Telnaes: A preview of Trump’s address to Congress


From the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Congressional enablers:

Clay Bennett: The Bloodhound


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution makes much the same point:

Mike Luckovich: Willfully blind


The Buffalo News answers the question, “What’s cookin’?”:

Adam Zyglis: Chef Bannon


Fake it till you make it, via the Arizona Republic:

Steve Benson: Finally, REAL MEDIA you can trust


From the Tulsa World, recreation, Trump-style:

Bruce Plante: This is a fake lie , it’s not a real lie , trust me – I have the BEST LIES !!!


A certain incongruity noted by the Washington Post:

Tom Toles: Nothing like a huuuge military buildup to calm fears of authoritarianism


From the Guardian, the global perspective, starring Dubya and Death:

Martin Rowson: The global political landscape


The Kansas City Star looks at an Academy Awards goof and finds a parallel:

Lee Judge: And the winner is. . .


While the Philadelphia Daily News looks at one consequence of violent political rhetoric:

Signe Wilkinson: Something wicked this way comes


Finally, on the lighter side, this from the Sacramento Bee:

Jack Ohman: The Seven Earth-Like Planets. . .



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