Chart of the day: The most divisive President ever

Barely a month into his presidency and Agent Orange is facing the most divided country any President has faced since at least 1932, a division reflected in the record partisan divide over whether or not they approve of the job the Trumpster is doing,

From the New York Times [click on the image to enlarge]:


From the accompanying report:

New presidents have typically had a “honeymoon” period with politicians on the other side of the aisle during their first few months after taking office. Mr. Trump has enjoyed no such holiday.

“One month into his presidency, his approval rating among people who identify with the opposite party is by far the lowest we’ve ever seen,” Frank Newport, editor in chief of Gallup, said.

At the same time, Mr. Trump has more support among Republicans at this point in office than any president other than George W. Bush.

“While there were deep divisions in the Republican Party during the campaign, it is clear that the G.O.P. rank and file are well unified behind Trump,” said Charles Franklin, director of the Marquette Law School poll.

Taken together, these two extremes add up to the largest partisan divide over a new president since Gallup began tracking.

“That’s the result of the general trend toward polarization — and Trump, the person,” Mr. Newport said.


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