Graphic Representation: TrumpToonsTonite!™

We begin with a tweet from Littlefingers himself:


And a graphic response, from the Sacramento Bee:

Jack Ohman: The remaining White House Correspondents Dinner attendees…


From the Washington Post. At war with the Fourth Estate:

Ann Telnaes: Trump continues his attack on a free press


Another take from the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

Clay Bennett: The News Media


The first of two takes on politics and the Oscars, first from the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Steve Sack: Academy Awards


The Philadelphia Daily News also casts a jaded eye:

Signe Wilkinson: One-upmanship in Lai La Land


From the Newark Star-Ledger, leftovers declined by New Jersey’s governor and once zealous Trumpoid™:

Drew Sheneman: Christie turns down Trump


Cue Wilile Nelson and “On the Road Again,” from a nationally syndicated cartoonist:

Jeff Danziger: Who’s Driving?

The San Diego Union-Tribune also hits the road:

Steve Breen: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s Mexico Visit


From the Washington Post, alt-reality:

Tom Toles: Trumpville checks and balances


The Columbus Dispatch goes on a fishing expedition:

Nate Beeler: Obamacare angling


While the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s take inverts a bromide:

Mike Luckovich: Chew toy


The Salt Lake Tribune goes behind closed doors to cover a state GOP-led purge:

Pat Bagley: Shunning Democrats


Finally, the Baton Rouge Advocate calls a Mardi Gras timeout:

Walt Handelsman: Ear Plugs



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