Graphic Representation: More TrumpMania™

We begin with a nationally syndicated cartoonist, giving us the news the way Pussygrabber likes it:

Jeff Danziger: Trump Times

And some positive reinforcement for the media bubble boy from the Washington Post:

Ann Telnaes: Donny needs some positive reinforcement


From the Lexington Herald-Leader, desecration lamented:

Joel Pett: Snowflakes


The Miami Herald bricks it up:

Jim Morin: Different kind of wall


The Newark Star-Ledger captures flagging enthusiasm:

Drew Sheneman: President Trump hits the links


And from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, more flagging enthusiasm from a White House heavy’s:

Mike Luckovich: White House heavyweight


The San Diego Union-Tribune reconfigures a famous border highway warning sign:

Steve Breen:  Trump Administration’s Hard Line Approach on Immigration Worrisome


And from the Arizona Republic, more intolerance:

Steve Benson: Transgender students ride the back of the bus


The Chattanooga Times Free Press picks up the thread:

Clay Bennett: That Bathroom


Yet another take from the Washington Post:

Tom Toles: Trump’s new security state is finding threats where nobody looked before


And, finally, from the Los Angeles Times, the opposition:

David Horsey: Bernie Sanders is the leaderless Democrats’ anti-Trump evangelist



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