Graphic Representation: Today’s TrumpToons™

We begin with the Chicago Tribune and an alt-reality:

Scott Stantis: Truth bites Trump


From the San Diego Union Tribune, an adversarial relationship resolved:

Steve Breen: Reporters and President Trump

While the Kansas City Star strings him along:

Lee Judge: The hidden hand?


From the Sacramento Bee, an alt-reality conflict closer to home:

Jack Ohman: It’s a Defcon 3 alert. . .


And the Philadelphia Daily News, searching for a replacement:

Signe Wilkinson: No, I meant a trained seal


From one of the nation’s finest syndicated cartoonists, buyer’s remorse:

Jeff Danziger: GOP Misses Nixon

The Salt Lake Tribune tackles a state Republican leader who called for an end to any legal protections for women’s pay equality:

Pat Bagley: Women’s Alternative World


While the Washington Post heads to the O.R. as Trump’s allies commence surgery:

Tom Toles: Look out, Obamacare. Here comes the GOP, ready or not.


Finally, from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a notable departure:

Mike Luckovich: Extended leave



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