Headlines of the day: The circus is in town

From the New York Times:

Apologizes for ‘Incomplete’ Account of Calls With Russian

  • Michael T. Flynn has resigned as national security adviser after saying he misled the vice president and others about discussions with a Russian diplomat.
  • The Justice Department believed Mr. Flynn’s attempt to cover his tracks with his bosses could leave him vulnerable to Russian blackmail, a former official said.

And the Guardian:

Trump knew for weeks Michael Flynn misled over Russia contact

  • White House says resignation a result of ‘eroding level of trust’, not potential violation of law, as GOP divided over inquiry into Flynn’s calls with ambassador

And the Washington Post:

Justice Department warned White House that Flynn could be vulnerable to Russian blackmail, officials say

  • The acting attorney general informed the Trump White House late last month that she believed Michael Flynn had misled senior administration officials about the nature of his communications with the Russian ambassador to the United States, and warned that the national security adviser was potentially vulnerable to Russian blackmail, current and former U.S. officials said.
Finally, the gather-it-all-up-and-throw-it-in-the-headline approach from the banned-by-Wikipedia London Daily Mail:

Trump SACKED Flynn: White House reveals president asking for national security adviser’s resignation over Russia lie – and hints at more ‘questionable instances’

  • National Security Advisor Michael Flynn stepped down on Monday night after President Trump demanded his ouster
  • Flynn resigned because he realized he’d become a distraction for the administration, she said. ‘It became increasingly unsustainable for him’
  • The president sought the senior aide’s resignation because of an ‘eroding level of trust’
  • House Speaker Paul Ryan says Trump was right to get rid of his top national security aide
  • Resignation comes on heels of report that Justice Department warned the Trump administration last month about Flynn’s contacts with Russia 
  • Flynn spoke with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. prior to inauguration 
  • Claimed he never talked about lifting sanctions, later backpedaled

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