Alt-reality: Paper is Trumped by Alec Baldwin


Sometimes, when a story seems too good to be true, it really is true.

Consider the case of the hapless newspaper editors who were fooled by their own mistake, an alt-reality, as it were.

From BBC News:

Actor Alec Baldwin’s impression on Saturday Night Live of Donald Trump tricked a national newspaper into thinking he was the real thing.

El Nacional in the Dominican Republic has now apologised for accidentally publishing a still of Alec Baldwin, captioned as the US president, next to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

The image accompanied an article about Israeli settlements.

The paper has said sorry to readers and “anyone affected”.

The picture was sent to the newspaper along with information about Saturday Night Live, the long-running US satirical programme.

No-one spotted the mistake, says El Nacional.

The correction proved to be a masterpiece, the result of a frantic image search that almost makes for a bulletproof alibi,as well as a testament to Baldwin’s impersonation chops:



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