Trump’s self-presentation: Two Twitter images

Donald J. Trump is, as well all know, a Twitter addict, now running two accounts.

The older account, created in March 2009, features Trump at his most bloviating, featuring sneering slurs and cretinous carping about people who have the cojones to criticize his pusillanimous prevarications.

Call it the Channel of the Id:

Here’s the photo he chose to accompany his tweets:


The content of his newer account, the official Twitter channel for the presidency, is slightly less outre that the first thoiugh its still relentlessly self-promoting, full of boasts and exaggeration, but largely lacking the more outrageous slurs and slams.

Call it the channel of the Ego.

Here’s the presidential portrait he chose for those tweets;

In both images, he scowls.

In neither image is their the faintest sense of compassion.

We’ll leave the rest of the analysis to you, gentle reader.


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