Quote of the day: Donald Trump is the new O.J.

Now, not that juice you drink at brekfast, buy the homocida football player.

From Matt Taibbi, writing for Rolling Stone:

There’s nothing wrong with calling Trump and his minions liars. They are liars. But no Trump voter is going to pick up the Times and suddenly be struck now by the deceptiveness of Donald Trump. What the Trump voter will perceive instead is a whining bunch of “snowflakes.” And he’ll think Trump’s neck-bloated chief strategist, Steve Bannon, is right on when he calls the media the “opposition party.”

The whole situation recalls America’s first great post-factual tragedy, the O.J. Simpson trial. Twenty-two years ago, that sprawling blood-soaked epic of crime and narcissistic impunity perfectly foreshadowed the election of Donald Trump.

Apart from the monumental scale of the error – we put O.J. in the White House this time, instead of just letting him loose on golf courses for a few more years – that was exactly the same story of myopic intellectuals clinging to facts and rules, while scoundrels steamrolled their way to victory riding narrative and celebrity.

Like O.J.’s lawyers, Trump doesn’t stand and fight but continually moves the battle to a different arena, one where facts mean nothing and anger means everything. O.J.’s prosecutors never understood that they’d been swallowed up by a bigger game. Can we afford to make the same mistake now?


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