Graphic Representation: Trumplestilskin™ today

We begin with the Los Angeles Times and another kind of wall:

David Horsey: West Coast states form a wall against Trump’s reactionary agenda


A Berkeley-based internationally syndicated cartoonist puts a ban in context:

Kahlil Bendib: So-Called Judge


From the Washington Post, a juggling act:

Ann Telnaes: Mixing business with the presidency


Same theme, with a specific take on a high-end retailer that drop First Daughter’s clothes line, via the Kansas City Star:

Lee Judge: Let the bombing commence


And the Washington Post weighs in with an almost identical take:

Tom Toles: Trump understands the threats out there in a way no one else does


That darn Ivanka-shunning store again, this time from the Sacramento Bee:

Jack Ohman: Now at the Nordstrom sale, Trump ties…


From the Columbus Dispatch, Public Enemy #1:

Nate Beeler: So-Called Vetting


Another take of that extreme vetting from the Buffalo News:

Adam Zyglis: Spineless


From the Lexington Herald-Leader, another take on Trump’s senatorial ally and the woman he loves to hate — so much so that he and his colleagues voted to silence her during the debate over confirmation of the Attorney General for daring to quote a letter from an esteemed civil rights leader:

Joel Pett: He just gets sooo pissy


And to conclude, the Miami Herald looks at the nominee in question:

Jim Morin: A tips of the hat to Sessions



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