Graphic Representation: Trumpocalypse Now!™

And we begin with his allies in another branch of government, starting with a Washington Post take on the remarkable silencing of Sen, Elizabeth Warren for having the temerity to quote a dead civil rights icon’s take our our now-confirmed Attorney General:

Ann Telnaes: Sen. Warren is zipped by Republicans


And in the other arm of the national legislature Paul Ryan dismembers, via the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Steve Sack: Repealing the ACA


From the Salt Lake Tribune, the first of five graphics about a certain newly confirmed billionaire cabinet member:

Pat Bagley: Driving Change in Education


Next, from the Lexington Herald-Leader, a question of qualifications:

Joel Pett, Confirmation, sort of


And from the Charlotte Observer, noting that it took a Vice Presidential tie-breaking vote to win senate confirmation:

Kevin Siers: Pence confirms DeVos


The Arizona Republic tags her:

Steve Benson: Writing’s on the wall about Betsy DeVos


Our final entry on the subject comes from the Tulsa World:

Bruce Plante: The new Secretary of Education- Betsy DeVos


Next up, some looks at the White, first with the Newark Star-Ledger, going in for fisting:

Drew Sheneman: Trump + puppet= Trumpet


Same subject, with the puppeteer explicit, via the Buffalo News:

Adam Zyglis: Steve Bannon


Next up, the Sacramento Bee tackles a TrumpTweet™:

Jack Ohman: Is Trump or California out of control?


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution capture’s the TrumpTirade™ erupting after a certain high-end retailer dropped his daughter’s brand of clothing and accessories:

Mike Luckovich: The rack for NORDSTROM


Finally, the Chattanooga Times Free Press tweaks the Presidential Counselor and spokesperson for faulting the press for never covering a terrorist massacre that never happened:

Clay Bennett: Rest in Peace



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