Graphic Representation: TrumpTation™ Nation

We begin with the Washington Post, an bone-headed GOP politicians::

Tom Toles: Climate data shows ice thinning and skulls thickening


The Chattanooga Times Free Press mulls Trump’s one-sided concept of justice on the streets:

Clay Bennett: Minority Outreach


And the Guardian tackles the resistance of the U.K. Parliament and it’s leader, House of Commons Speaker John Bercow [middle finger raised], to any speech by Trump before the legislature, despite the kowtowing by Prime Minister Theresa May [kowtowing to Littlefingers in a clown suit]:

Steve Bell: John Bercow and Donald Trump


From the Charlotte Observer, presidential umbrage at deportations stayed:

Kevin Siers: Trump targets federal judge


And from the Miami Herald, other so-calleds waiting in the wings:

Jim Morin: Let the lawsuits begin!


From the Baton Rouge Advocate, gridiron alt-reality, Trump style:

Walt Handelsman: If Trump were a Falcon


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution tackles a the reality show in D.C.:

Mike Luckovich: Constitutional Apprentice


Our final two items deal with the razor thin approval of the new Secretary of Education, first with the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Steve Sack: Betsy DeVos confirmed


And, to conclude, from the Sacramento Bee, the GOP vouches for a favored agenda:

Jack Ohman: GOP Senate vouchers for Betsy DeVos…



One response to “Graphic Representation: TrumpTation™ Nation

  1. Thanks for the cartoons. Something tells me we’re going to need to laugh a lot over the next four years.

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