Big Oil wins again; Trump approves the DAPL

More proof that Mr. Fish hit the nail on the head with today’s cartoon.

Having already installed installed a Big Oil boss as head of American foreign policy, President Pussygrabber has handed another big win to the fuel industry.

From United Press International:

President Donald Trump’s administration has given final approval to finish the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said in a court filing Tuesday.

The Corps of Engineers said it will issue an outstanding easement to complete construction of the oil pipeline, which will carry crude nearly 1,200 miles underground from North Dakota to Illinois —  and cross South Dakota and Iowa in the process.

The department also informed Congress that it will grant the easement. Under former President Barack Obama, the Corps of Engineers had refused to issue the easement for the last remaining unfinished section of the line, in North Dakota, on environmental grounds.

“This is a key step toward the completion of this important infrastructure project, which has faced months of politically driven delays,” North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum responded.

Construction on the pipeline has been stalled for months by protests from the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and environmentalists concerned that the project will tarnish and contaminate the land — and potentially the water supply, which is located just 70 miles from the pipeline.


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