Chart of the day: The church and politics

A look at just how involved Americans think how politically engaged their their churches should be, via the Pew Research Center:


From the report:

When it comes to questions about religion and politics, Americans by and large say they like public officials to be religiously grounded. As of mid-2016, about six-in-ten (62%) U.S. adults agree with the statement “it’s important to me that a president have strong religious beliefs.” This has long been the majority view among Americans, though support for the statement has declined gradually over the past eight years or so.

The same mid-2016 survey also found that many Americans, though not a majority, think churches and other houses of worship should express their views on social and political matters: 47% expressed that view, while a roughly equal share (49%) said churches should stay out of social and political topics.

But most Americans draw the line at church endorsements of specific candidates. Indeed, in 2016, 66% expressed opposition to church endorsements of candidates, which is roughly stable with other readings taken over the past eight years.


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