Bookies give odds on a TrumpImpeachment™

Through the odds are better on a TrumpResignation™.

From the McClatchy Washington Bureau:

With protests taking place throughout the country and a poll showing 40 percent of voters want him impeached, all within his first two weeks as president, Donald Trump clearly has plenty of political enemies.

And the gambling industry has certainly taken notice.

Across the world, online gambling websites are offering increasingly attractive odds that Trump will either be impeached or resign before his first term as president ends in 2020.

As of Friday night, Paddy Power, an Irish company, is offering 2-to-1 odds that Trump will be impeached, with 15-to-8 odds that he will resign. Bet365, meanwhile, rates the likelihood of impeachment and conviction slightly lower, with 6-to-1 odds, but has the chances of him resigning at 11 to 8. And Ladbrokes has the possibilty of either happening at 11 to 10. Those odds were slightly more favorable to Trump before his inauguration, per Fast Company.

The impeachment of a president has only occurred twice in U.S. history, with Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton and 1998, and both men were later acquitted by the Senate. Trump, however, enters office with the lowest favorability rating of any president since Harry Truman, according to Gallup.


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