Headlines of the day: It really is a family business

Two of those tell-it-all headlines from the London Daily Mail, starting with this:

Trump hosts top CEOs with Ivanka and tells them he will cut taxes and bank regulations

  • President Donald Trump met with his executive council at the White House
  • He vowed to slash taxes and the Dodd-Frank banking regulations enacted after the financial crisis 
  • Said there is ‘nobody better’ than JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon to talk to about banking regulations, promising cut back
  • Says he tried to get additional people who ran ‘massive’ businesses onto the council, only to be rebuffed by billionaire Blackstone exec Stephen Schwarzman
  • ‘He’s a corporate raider – these people don’t want to be sitting with corporate raiders!’
  • Hails panel member BlackRock investment company CEO Larry Fink

And then this indication of problems the the famly brand::

First daughter fire sale: Ivanka Trump merchandise on clearance markdowns at Nordstrom one day after store announced they are dropping the brand as downcast first daughter surfaces at CEO summit

  • On Friday, just a handful of severely marked down shoes are all that remain of Ivanka Trump’s clothing line on the Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack websites 
  • The department store announced on Thursday that it was dropping the brand due to poor sales
  • It’s believed that the poor sales were caused by a boycott of Trump brands by those unhappy with the election’s outcome 
  • Following the Nordstrom news, Ivanka’s line has completely disappeared from the Neiman Marcus website  
  • As the final items in her line were put on clearance, the first daughter looked downcast as she attended a meeting with business leaders at the White House

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