Graphic Representation: It’s, like, TrumpAdelic™

We begin today’s compendium with the omnipresent, via the Los Angeles Times:

David Horsey:  From cable TV to cattlemen’s websites, flood of Trump news swamps the media


From the Kansas City Star, a momentary lapse:

Lee Judge: Oh, forget about it!


From the Salt Lake Tribune, a matter of style:

Pat Bagley: Constitutional Convention Explained


His propensity to govern by fiat is the subject of this from the Baton Rouge Advocate:

Walt Handelsman: Signing Day


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution marks the dates:

Mike Luckovich: Orange History Week


From the Illinois Times, more stylin’:

Chris Britt: Keep America scared


The Miami Herald keep ‘em fired up:

Jim Morin: Disruptors amok

The Sacramento Bee mulls Bannon’s qualifications to serve on the National Security Council:

Jack Ohman: Shipping out with Steve Bannon and the National Security Council. . .


And from the Columbus Dispatch, his take on the press:

Nate Beeler: The Press


Our next entries focus on the Trumpian pick for head of the nation’s education system, starting with this from the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

Clay Bennett: Betsy DeVos


From the Charlotte Observer:

Kevin Siers: The Ballad of Betsy DeVos


And from a Pulitzer-winning freelancer:

Jeff Danziger: Secretary of Education

Two alternative takes on Trump’s promise to end strict regulations of the financial industry, first from the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

Steve Sack: Wall Street treat


And a conservative take from the Indianapolis Star:

Gary Varvel: Trump cutting regulations


Finally, two responses to Trump’s border ban, first from the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Steve Breen: The stamp of inhumanity


Finally, this from the Buffalo News:

Adam Zyglis: Nation of immigrants



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