Climate change vanishes from EPA’s website

The Trump administration’s Environmental Protection Agency is pursing what we’ll call the ostrich climate change policy,

In other words, they’re burying their heads in the sand — except, of course, for those times when they’re planted firmly in their asses.

And just in case they see something when they pull their heads out, they’re scrubbing a key government website of any references to one problem that, above all others, threatens every living thing on earth.

From teleSUR English:

The Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, website is being whittled away by Donald Trump’s administration, which has erased mentions of climate change and of Barack Obama-era programs including for Native Americans and renewable energy.

Trump has already booted out the White House section on climate change with “America First Energy Plan,” but the EPA is by name devoted exclusively to environmental issues.

Researchers first noted changes two days after Trump’s inauguration, when “federal Partner Collaboration” became “EPA Adaptation Collaboration.” Four days later, the climate and water and international cooperation pages were heavily redacted, according to Environmental Data and Governance Initiative, a group of scientists cited by Climate Central.

The EPA cooperates with numerous local and international agencies, many of the alliances facilitated by former President Barack Obama. Some of those programs and commitments were erased entirely.

“If the public is unaware of partnerships depending on the EPA, it may be easier to shrink the EPA without raising as much concern,” Gretchen Gehrke of the EDGI told Climate Central.

Some sections on the chopping block: Obama’s Climate Action Plan, the most far-reaching plan by a U.S. president to date; the Tribal Environmental General Assistance Program, which allocated US$65.5 million to tribes to help with climate change mitigation; any mention of “renewable energy,” the closest substitute being “clean coal technology;” and paragraphs on commitments and climate change negotiations with the United Nations.

Trump has said he would withdraw from the Paris Agreement. He also previously said he would abolish the EPA, and then that he would delete all climate pages of the EPA website, but retracted.

The page includes links to the EPA’s inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, which contains emissions data from individual industrial facilities as well as the multiagency Climate Change Indicators report, which describes trends related to the causes and effects of climate change.


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