Quotes of the day: Stephen King TrumpTweets™

A compilation of Tweets from America’s acknowledged master of horror [making him perhaps the most qualified critic of all when it comes to the Bulbous Beast of Pennsylvania Avenue]:

Welcome to the age of plunder, bluster, and empty rhetoric. In other words, to the Age of Dumb. If you voted for him, you’re responsible.

Breaking News: Sean Spicer is an idiot.

Imagine a hooligan pouring sugar into the gas tank of an expensive and well-maintained car. Trump is that hooligan. America is that car.

If only Donald Trump was 5% as good at governing as he is at firing people of conscience. His presidency is a joke. Sadly, we’re the butt.

Trump’s view of fake news explained: “If it runs counter to what I believe or say, it’s fake. The facts are irrelevant.”

How about some extreme vetting of Donald Trump’s tax returns?


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