Welcome Deanna: esnl becomes a grandpa again

Tiny Deanna smiles from her incubator.

Tiny Deanna smiles from her incubator.

And so eager to join the world that granddaughter Deanna arrived early.

Yep, as our son Derald writes on the birth of his firstborn:

As you know at the beginning of the month Anna was hospitalized when she had a rupture when her water broke. She has been there since and appeared to be staple with her water level returning to normal. The doctors had planned to keep her there until after Presidents Day when they planned to induce labor.

Well last night Anna went into labor unexpectedly and gave birth within about 20 minutes. Deanna is healthy and looks to be fine. She was born much earlier than anticipated (due date was beginning of April). Birthweight of 3lb, 10oz.

She will stay in the NICU for 4-6 weeks, but by all appearances is healthy.She is in an incubator but is doing well and even cries, but I’ve found that my voice has a soothing effect on her. The staff and facilities at the hospital seem top notch which is comforting.

They told me they are going to discharge Anna tomorrow so I have to get cleaning the condo!!

Here’s mommy and daughter, lit by the germ-killing ultraviolets of the incubator:


And daddy Derald and daughter Deanna:


And, finally, Derald, after a night that was a lot harder on mommyy:



2 responses to “Welcome Deanna: esnl becomes a grandpa again

  1. Congratulations to all!
    and Deanna is BEAUTIFUL!

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