DroughtWatch: Rains bring some precious relief

Anyone living in California these last few weeks had needed either an umbrella pr a wet suit, and that’s good news for a state suffering from an epochal drought.

That latest map from the United States Drought Monitor reveals that, for the fist time in over four years, none of California is in the state of Extreme Drought, and nearly 440 percent of the Golden State is free of any sort of drought conditions [click on the map to embiggen]:


By way of comparison, here how the map looked a year ago, 26 January 2016:

The six-year-long drought, the worst in California’s recorded history. As noted by the authors of California’s Most Significant Droughts, a 2015 report from the Department of Water Resources, noted, “The water years of 2012-14 stand as California’s driest three consecutive years in terms of statewide precipitation. . .California’s most significant historical droughts of state-wide scope were those with the longest duration or driest hydrology – the six-year drought of 1929-34, the two-year drought of 1976-77, and the six-year event of 1987-92.”

From public television station KQED in San Francisco, here’s a time-lapse video of the progression of the drought, as told by the maps from he United States Drought Monitor:

Watch California’s Drought Shrink in 40 seconds


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