State GOPs rush to ban, criminalize protest

Inspired by President Pussygrabbers and his wrathful and sometimes forceful loathing of protests against His Royal Puissance, state legislators are in a stampeded to crackdown on protests.

From Spencer Woodman, writing in the Intercept:

Over the weekend, millions of demonstrators took to streets across the country to mobilize against the new president and his agenda, assembling in a national turnout that organizers call the beginning of a reinvigorated protest movement. But in states home to dozens of Saturday’s demonstrations, Republican lawmakers are moving to criminalize and increase penalties on peaceful protesting.

Last week, I reported that such efforts were afoot in five states: In Minnesota, Washington state, Michigan, and Iowa, Republican lawmakers have proposed an array of anti-protesting laws that center on stiffening penalties for demonstrators who block traffic; in North Dakota, conservatives are even pushing a bill that would allow motorists to run over and kill protesters so long as the collision was accidental. Similarly, Republicans in Indiana last week prompted uproar over a proposed law that would instruct police to use “any means necessary” to clear protesters off a roadway.

Over the weekend, readers alerted me to two additional anti-protesting bills, both introduced by Republicans, that are pending in Virginia and Colorado. This brings the number of states that have in recent weeks floated such proposals to at least eight.


One response to “State GOPs rush to ban, criminalize protest

  1. Wow – what will they think of next, banning speech they don’t agree with. I wouldn’t put anything past these people.

    When they use terms like “alternative facts” be careful. It reminds me of Orwell’s quote “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” 

    Good luck to us all. We’ll need it.

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