The Wall Street Journal refuses to say Trump lies

Anyone with half a brain would have to admit that His Puerility is a compulsive liar, telling the public whatever he thought they wanted to hear to win the nomination and then the White House.

Hell, the man even lies about the length of his fingers, even though the proof of his falsehood is cast in bronze.

But the Wall Street Journal, the paper that represents the Pussygrabber’s class interests more than any other, refuses to use the L-word when reporting on his profigately prodigious prevaricating.

From teleSUR English:

The Wall Street Journal would not call a lie a lie if it was told by President-elect Donald Trump over concerns of “objectivity,” the paper’s editor-in-chief told Meet the Press on Sunday.

“I’d be careful about using the word, ‘lie,’” said Gerard Baker, editor-in-chief of the conservative paper. “‘Lie’ implies much more than just saying something that’s false. It implies a deliberate intent to mislead.”

Instead of calling the lie by what it is, he would print the facts next to Trump’s statement and let readers decide for themselves which is the truth.

“I think if you start ascribing a moral intent, as it were, to someone by saying that they’ve lied, I think you run the risk that you look like you are, like you’re not being objective,” he said.

He also orders his staff to respond similarly on social media, despite “questionable” or “challengeable” comments from Trump. But he added that there should be “a little less deference, a little less insider behavior” by the media on politicians.

The Journal‘s refusal to call a spade a spade should come as no surprise, given that it’s owned by Rupert Murdoch, the same loathsome reptile who gave us Fox News.


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