Graphic Representation: Trumplandia™ cabinetry

Seems editorial cartoonists across the land are equally fascinated and repelled by the folks President Pussygrabber has picked to head his executive team.

We begin with the Chattanooga Times Free Press and a certain campaign promise:

Clay Bennett: Draining the Swamp


From the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a children’s book offers clues:

Steve Sack: Trump’s Cabinet


Another children’s book inspires the Newark Star-Ledger:

Drew Sheneman: Trump is in Wonderland


From the Washington Post, the cabinet in action:

Tom Toles: How the Trump Cabinet will work


And, finally, from the Buffalo News:

Adam Zyglis: Transitioning to Trump

Trump Cabinet

Our next two offerings are inaugural in nature, first from the Arizona Republic:

Steve Benson: Swearing in and swearing at


And the other, from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Mike Luckovich: More the scarier


From the Lexington Herald-Leader, setting things straight:

Joel Pett: Let’s tweet about that


And from the Washington Post, the never-ending story:

Ann Telnaes: Trump’s perpetual thank-you tour



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