Los Angeles Muslims attacked, one is stabbed

The virulent hatred of Muslims inflamed by Republican candidates during the year’s primaries and whipped to white hot intensity by the President-elect has claimed more victims.

This time it’s in Southern California, in the community that acquitted the police officers charged with feloniously beating hapless motorist Rodney King on 29 April 1992, triggering the nation’s worst race riot of the closing decade of the 20th Century.

From the Los Angeles Times:

Authorities believe the man responsible for stabbing a worshiper near a Simi Valley mosque over the weekend is still at large, leaving faith leaders shaken that a violent person with a hatred for Muslims remains a threat to their community.

Police arrested one man, 29-year-old Simi Valley resident John Henry Matteson, in connection with the attack on a group of people leaving the mosque on Erringer Road on Saturday night. However, investigators believe he was involved in the fight but did not commit the stabbing, according to Simi Valley Police Sgt. Travis Coffey, an agency spokesman.

Matteson and another unidentified man approached a group of worshipers who had just left the Islamic Center of Simi Valley at about 11 p.m. Saturday and began yelling slurs, Coffey said. The confrontation quickly escalated to a physical fight, and the unidentified man stabbed one of the mosque attendees, Coffey said.

Matteson has been booked on suspicion of committing a hate crime, making criminal threats and fighting in public, online jail records show. He was injured during the confrontation, according to a statement issued by Simi Valley Police.

The demonization of all Muslims for the violence of a few is simply criminal, an incitement to riot.

But no rich, arrogant, power-mad white man will be prosecuted, of that we are certain.


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