Graphic Representation: A day in Trumptopia™

We begin with the Washington Post and President-elect Pussygrabber’s war on the Fourth Estate:

Tom Toles: Trump infrastructure will not include outfrastructure


From the Baton Rouge Advocate, unintelligence:

Walt Handelsman: Brief Briefings


Along the same lines, via the Kansas City Star:

Lee Judge: A matter of priorities


From the Charlotte Observer, and Perryish the thought:

Kevin Siers: Rick Perry, the new Energy Secretary


From the Philadelphia Daily News, another take on a key appointment:

Signe Wilkinson: Trump embraces climate change by picking Exxon CEO


The San Diego Union-Tribune anticipates the next appointment:

Steve Breen: 12/14/16


The Lexington Herald-Leader looks for Republican simplification:

Joel Pett: Seeking something simpler


From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, another question of priorities:

Mike Luckovich: The real threat


Finally, from the Salt Lake Tribune, a question that won’t be solved by the Secretary of Labor wants to abolish the minimum wage:

Past Bagley: Scrooged



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