Map of the day: European Union internal trade


A cartogram of pre-Brexit patterns from Views of the World, the blog of British geographer Benjamin Hennig, who writes:

According to data by Eurostat, intra-EU trade accounted for a volume of approximately €3 trillion in 2015. Regardless of net-exporting or net-importing countries, these trade relations therefore, are crucial elements of the internal market that have significant implications for each member’s economy.

When further dissecting these figures and taking the relative contributions of each country into account, the United Kingdom (as the largest total net importer) was on a par with Greece, with approximately 60% of the value of goods exported compared to the imports. In relative terms only Croatia (53%), Malta (31%) and Cyprus (23%) were below the UK, each of which are far less strong exporting nations (see main map above). On the other end of the spectrum, the Netherlands were in absolute and relative terms the largest net exporting member state in internal trade relations. The surplus of exports accounted for 184% compared to the imports in 2015. Ireland came second with approximately 131% trade surplus in intra-EU trade.


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