Iceland’s Pirates fail in bid to form a government


Iceland’s Pirate Party, a curious collection of activists headed by “poetician” Birgitta Jónsdóttir [previously], has failed in its bid to form a coalition to head an island nation with a population smaller than Sacramento’s.

The Pirates were asked to form a government earlier this month after failed efforts by two other parties, the conservative Independents, who came in first in the 29 October parliamentary election, and the left-leaning Greens, who came in second.

The third-place pirates has been tasked with forming a ruling coalition by Prime Minister Sigmurdur Ingi Johannsson.

The job now falls on the fourth-place finishers, the Progressive Party, which had headed the last coalition until it was brought down by financial scandals triggered by the leak of the Panama papers.

From Reuters:

Iceland’s anti-establishment Pirate Party, the Left Greens and three other parties have called off talks on forming a centre-left coalition, Icelandic media reported on Monday.

Pirate Party leader Birgitta Jonsdottir had been asked by the president to try to form a government, after the two largest parties – the Independence Party and the Left Greens – each failed to cobble together a governing coalition.

The third failure to negotiate a coalition since the Oct. 29 snap election raises the spectre of a new vote.

Daily Morgunbladid cited Jonsdottir as saying the parties involved in the latest round of talks had not been able to agree on fisheries policies and on government spending, and she would hand back her mandate to the president later on Monday.


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