Graphic Representation: A Trumplandia™ Frightzine

We begin with a general assessment from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Mike Luckovich: The Scream


From the Miami Herald, the other big winners:

Jim Morin: Smoke gets in your eyes


From the Arizona Republic, a day that will live in infamy:

Steve Benson: America’s next Pearl Harbor


The Salt Lake Tribune looks at the impact of handing the nation’s environment to Big Oil’s pet:

Pat Bagley: Environmental Predation Agency


The same appointment, see from the candidate’s home state, via the Tulsa World:

Bruce Plante: Oklahoman tapped to run EPA


Other appointees, as seen by the Sacramento Bee:

Jack Ohman: Donald Trump and the General election…


And while it’s not a cartoon this tweet from the Apppointer-in-chief with one of those generals, his Defense Secretary pick, might as well be:


From the Los Angeles Times, another general:

David Horsey: National Insecurity Adviser


The Washington Post makes excuses:

Tom Toles: Trump has quietly replaced swamp-drain with brain-drain


From the Lexington Herald-Leader, a graphic comment on Littlefingers’ refusal to attend those vital daily intelligence briefings:

Joel Pett: Intelligence briefs. . .very brief


The Buffalo News ponders a governing style and its impact on the public:

Adam Zyglis: Post-truth world

Post-truth world

Finally, from the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Trump’s other China policy:

Clay Bennett: Signature Collection



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