Graphic Representation The Trumplandia™ Times

We begin with the Arizona Republic and a new presidential seal:

Benson: In Trump’s tweets we trust


And the Miami Herald sends a message:

Jim Morin: Short and sweet


The Salt Lake Tribune ponders historical parallels:

Pat Bagley: The Strongman


The Washington Post has a pressing engagement:

Tom Toles: The Trump administration has worked out their response to conflict of interest


From the Buffalo News, the swamp creatures, shaken — not stirred:

Adam Zyglis: The elites

The Elites

The Sacramento Bee invests in a pyramid scam:

Jack Ohman: The Trump Cabinet policies…


From the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the game ahead:

Steve Sack: Standing Rock under Trump


The Columbus Dispatch sees more woes for President Pussygrabber:

Nate Beeler: Another Accuser


Finally, from the Chattanooga Times Free Press, a fabrication:

Clay Bennett: Obviously



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